IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Twenty Three

Herb found an exhausted Ralph and Elise on his wandering path back toward the church.

You two look as rough as I feel. Come on, you need a break too. How ’bout we get together in prayer for the service.”

Ralph only nodded in agreement but Elise brightened at the thought. “Just a minute, Herb, have you thought of Diane? Last I saw, she looked as exhausted as any of us. I think she’s over there by those children.” Finding some energy, she twirled away. “I’ll see if I can pull her away.”

The four met in the tiny chapel, the only unused part of the church, careful not to step on the slivers of glass still on the floor. Herb looked down at the worn floorboards, noting a sliver of glass catching the light. “This is where it all began. Remember three years ago we started to get the urge to focus on prayer for revival and now…, here it is at the door.”

Ralph and Elise formed a circle. After a moment Ralph whispered, keeping his booming voice quiet. “This will have to do for me. I don’t think I could get on my knees. How ’bout you?”

Diane responded with a quick shake of her curls. “Not me. I’m ’bout done for the day.”

Elise could only nod in agreement with her, painfully aware of her swollen ankles.

Herb started in prayer as a shaken warrior, a tear of gratitude to God rolling down his cheek. “Oh God, here we are, worn and weary, ready ’gain to pray for revival…, revival that is directly upon us.” He had to stop as more words choked in his throat.

Diane picked up the prayer. “Yea Lord, I can feel it coming. We’re standin’ at the moment you’ve brought us to. We’ve seen so much today getting’ to this point. The pain and suffering of these poor people Lord, the awful sense of loss. Yet Lord, I feel we might be on a precipice of a great movement.”

Elise could only whisper the words. “Yes Lord, revival. Like the words from the old hymn. You’re standin’ on the portal, waitin’ and watchin’, watchin’ for you and for me. Softly and tenderly…” She bowed her head as a soft sob of relief and weariness escaped her parched lips.

Ralph moved over a half step and put his big strong arm around Elise to steady her, then spoke his piece, not in whisper, but his voice booming out in triumph, so all those suffering in the main auditorium could hear. “Yea Lord, for we are met on this high plain, a great crossroads for many. Who Lord, will answer your call? Who Lord, will turn from sin and darkness to your light? Lord, you’re at work in many a cold hurting heart, preparing them for a service tomorrow. Yet I feel the presence of an awful evil. I pray now and take my stand against the darkness…, an evil that would shut down an awakening land. I pray Lord, that you’d move your hand against the dark side, keep it away so these might hear your message with clarity of soul and spirit…, amen.”

Herb nodded in agreement, more tears of concern mixed with the dust of the day. “Yea Lord. You who has begun a great work among us. Lord, may I…, may we be used for your great work. Give us the strength of spirit and body for what’s ahead, amen.”

The four couldn’t move from the spot. Instead they held each other and drank in His Spirit, feeling a healing balm cover them in direct answer to prayer, preparing them for the glorious moment ahead.

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