IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Twenty Four

As the afternoon wore on, Ted became disturbed. The steady movement of setting up the parking lot with the crew grew more distant as he felt the tug of the Spirit, not in healing, but in shouted warning! He could only mumble response to questions as he felt the full weight of a burden grow until he sat torn inside on a dusty plank.

Rita felt her pulse quicken as she glanced over toward Ted. Her inner spirit led her to drop her task at hand and hurry over. The closer she got to Ted, the stronger her apprehension became that something was terribly wrong. She sat next to him and picked up his calloused hand in hers, feeling the tense muscles as he listened for the Spirit. “Ted, you look awful…, you’re scarin’ me. What’s wrong?”

Ted’ grip back on her hand grew as his battle intensified. Shaking his head, he whispered. “Somethin’s terribly wrong here. I think we’re ‘bout to be attacked by…, somethin’…, don’t know.”

A bout of terror seized Rita, stronger than she was ready for, so strong it caused her to gasp in pain as his feeling spread to her. Oh God, what is this? Have to…, have to get help. Now!

She broke away from Ted and his intensity and fled to where the others moved chairs and planks into long curved rows. “Help! Guys! Over here! Help us!” She felt something powerful whack her from behind on her back and side. Something else caused her to trip and fall in her haste, headfirst into a row of planks. Then nothing…

Ted jerked over in the intense grip of his fear, just before Rita felt her blow, unaware that his sudden dip caused a savage blow aimed at him to miss. He felt a stirring over him, then the familiar Calm Assurance, as the same angel from his vision appeared to him, not in Peace, but in full battle array. Behind him flowed brilliant lines of warriors, shining in His Glory. The lines passed over him and moved on with a shout and increasing noise of battle.

The angel lifted Ted to a place of higher understanding. “The darkest of evils wishes to have you this night. Even now, we’ve had to fight our way back to you, in time to prepare defense. Listen to His spirit and prepare, for you will be attacked this night from a world of hurt and darkness, from those who called you friend. Do not be afraid, for the Lord is with you. Wait on His spirit, for more will come seeking evil on this ground, then it will be time for the Lord to show His Protective hand.

Ted listened in amazement as the angel continued and laid out the evening sequence before him. The intricate timing of each move and the explosive danger associated with it caused him to fall into the arms of the angel. “Why us? It is too much. Just a slight misstep and we’ll all be killed.”

The angel paused and turned Ted slightly. Rising to full brilliance the angel proclaimed. “Do you not see? You and the others are chosen to lead this people and this nation to repentance and revival. Open your eyes and see what the Lord is doing for you.”

Ted became aware again of the greater scene around him. There, at the edge of his sight, the line of brilliant angels carried the moment against what appeared to be grotesque creatures of darkness, fleeing before the host of the Lord. There too, Ted spied a crumpled Rita, laying limp between two planks.

The angel nodded to Ted. “Go to her, you who are known as a man of prayer. She has taken a blow meant for you. Only do not be afraid for this moment is the Lords! See, Healing is upon her.”

Ted wiped his eyes and looked again as Healing bent over Rita, placing hand on her back and side, lifting her to sit and look up, surrounded by Love and Peace, aware as Ted of the angels.

Ted stirred with twin passions as Rita looked toward him. “Yes Lord. We will do this, in the Name of the Lord.”

Ted lifted to his higher understanding to see company after company of angels ascending above, swords raised in salute to Him who Heals, shouting, “Glory to God in the Highest…,” then nothing…

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