IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Twenty Five

Ted rushed over to where Rita calmly stood. “Did you see them?”

Rita nodded as she peered toward where they disappeared. “It’s true then. I saw them standing over me, so horrid beyond belief, wanting to kill me, then suddenly Peace and Healing. Oh Ted, that feeling, so Warm and Content in His Embrace. I want to always be there.” She turned to look him full in his face. With You.

Ted grabbed her in tight embrace. “Yes, it’s true, real angels, and real dark whatever those were. What the Bible declares is true.”

They both turned as the gang ran up to them. Ted stammered out the exact recitation, word for word from above, his face still glowing from Healing.

Ron stepped up, looking first at Rita, then Ted. What really happened here? You both look, ummm.”

Rita beamed. “Like we’ve seen an angel? We have, with such Peace and Healing. But listen guys, darkness was here first, soooo beyond horrid I can’t say. They had me down and were going for Ted when He came.”

Ted pulled her next to him in agreement. Yes. He was here. Right here. The mightiest warrior angel, I’m sorry…, can’t begin to describe the Glory and Power of His Warrior in full battle array, an’ he has a message for me and you. All of you, to stop and prepare, for those we once knew will find a dark way. Then we will know it is of God, for our way is prepared and not alone. Here’s His plan.”

Ron shook his head in response. “You know how crazy that all sounds? Think for a minute. This is going to be dangerous stuff.”

Ted felt Peace and Assurance stand by his side. “Oh, I know. I really know it will work, only I just don’t know how to explain that to you.”

Rita twisted her lip as she looked at the nervous guys. “What we’ve seen and heard is beyond what mere words can tell, but this thing I know. What God has proclaimed to us this night will happen, not for us, but for His Glory. The angel said, ’do not be afraid.’”

Ron brightened at her response. “No kidding? Real angels? You look like you’ve seen something, hmmm.”

Rita didn’t wait for him. Come on. Let’s get going. Much to do. I’m going to be so exciting to see how God is going to work this out.”

Stephen wondered but caught her enthusiasm. He pushed hard on the networks. Wow, that was too easy. They agreed to participate and loan us equipment and tech support. I wonder…

Tim prompted the sheriff. “Any chance you could help with some security overnight? Might be surprises along that line.” The officer hesitated, wondering what that meant, but then nodded in response. “Yes we can. We just picked up three units from up north. We’ll set up down by the main road.”

Tim thought about Ted’ plan and looked down the slope toward the main road. “Yeah, that should be just right.”

Mitch and Russ bent over the bar, too loose into their drinks to acknowledge as movement passed them over. Russ narrowed his eyes as sudden memory overcame his thirst. “’Member the ol’ band? What’s it been, three, no four years maybe? Wonder where everybody went?”

Mitch slammed his fist down and spilled his drink, again. “That bitch. Why you bringin’ ’er up ’gain?”

Russ’ experience suddenly cleared as he thought. “No really, those were good times, most of ‘em. Wonder what happened to Ted, yeah, and Rita too. Remember ol’ Gordy? Man, he could fix ‘bout anythin’.”

Mitch’ experience opened as movement passed back over the two. “Yeah, now I remember. Sure, Stephen, and ‘course Tim an’ Ron. Boy, we sure put on some long miles together. Haven’t thought of ’em in years. Sad thing that.”

Both pondered years gone by as they resumed the evening drink, unaware that movement passed them by preparing the way.

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