IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Twenty Six

Brodine Emerson III shook in anger as Chris made his statement of faith on national television. He turned the weight of his fury on his staff. “Quick, get my jet ready. I’m going to St. Louis and see this trouble for myself. What impact teams are in the area and available?”

Staff jumped at his command. Within minutes he scanned an opportunity list of his agents in the area. “Not much. How rural is this place anyway?”
Staff jumped again and a map with directions surfaced in another minute. Brodine’ eyes darkened as he murmured dark words. Go! Attack at once. Break up that group of Christians before they get, you know. Legions. Need to call more legions to smother the light. Has to be done right away.

He looked up from his voices to see his expectant staff waiting. “What’re we waiting for? Call ahead and have a fast car ready when I land, got it? I want to be on scene as early as possible.”

Five hours later Brodine motioned for his driver to pull over. “There. See it? The little white church on the bluff and a city of tents. Ah. They’ll be vulnerable, tired, maybe sick, or hurt. Ha, perfect setting for my agents.”

His dark forces recoiled and shouted warning as suddenly Brodine saw huge warriors coming for him. “It’s too late. Go, turn ’round. Now. We’re too late. The Sp, Sp, Spirit is here. No, this can’t be…, all my plans. Call more legions. This will be a fight every inch of the way. They’re trapped here for now. We’ll keep the lid on this until my legions arrive.

He pulled out his phone and quickly dialed in numbers, not waiting for his team to answer. As soon as Mitch and Russ answered, they received terse instructions.

Russ rubbed his bleary eyes and looked at his watch. “Hey, we gotta go. Getting the impact team together for this big job, packing the van, and getting to our assignment before midnight is possible if we hurry. It has to be done. Brodine demands it.”

Mitch nodded as he hurried past dialing his team numbers. “Yeah, must be a big job to get this level of attention. Wonder, hmmm.”

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