IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Two

Two months later

Herb eyed the small chapel window with question in his eyes. Wonder ’bout his vision? This window? His shaking? He nodded to Ted. “You read the news much?”

Ted raised an eyebrow and looked from Ralph to Herb. “Not so much. More sports or racing stuff if anything. So what did I miss?”

Ralph grinned and threw a newspaper down in front of Ted. “Really? Well then, you’ve missed the past two day’ headlines. See?”
Ted looked down to see a picture of a desolate winter landscape with twin columns of ash venting from what looked like an ice field. “Ok, so another volcano started somewhere, um…”

Ralph shook his head. “Still don’t get it? Here, read this one.”

Ted followed the storyline below another desolate looking picture. He looked up at Ralph and Herb with a blank look. “Ok, I’ll play. I’m supposed to find this amazing or what?”

Herb broke into a laugh and slapped Ted on the back. “Still don’t get it? Think Ted. What happened right here in this chapel two months ago and then look at those pictures.”

Ralph added another article to the pile. “Yeah, and think about tons of melting glaciers, black ice, and such.” He leaned back in his chair and let the idea sink in.

Ted grimaced at the recollection of his vision. “Yeah? Well, I sure remember my vision. Water rushin’ up to my waist an’… Oh, I see. You think these are connected to my vision or that I caused all this?”

He gave them such a perplexed look that Ralph grew serious. “Ok son. I’ll spell it out for you. You had a vision of the ocean suddenly filling with water up to your waste as a sort of flood, right?”

Ted nodded and looked down at the pictures again.

Ralph pointed to the top article. “So there you go son. Evidently a huge cauldron of magma under the south Atlantic is feeding two separate fissures deep underground. No one even knew they were there until this happened. One woke up some dormant volcanoes in the Andes. It seems like a third in Iceland. According to this article, the Andes alone have enough potential to wipe out most of the coastlines.

Another, and this is too much. Another is opening a new chain of mountains in Antarctica of all places, shredding the ice fields. Scientists think if the fissures continue like they are or get worse, then enough ice will melt to bury most of the worlds’ coastlines up to a few feet or more. And this all happened right after you had your vision. Now what do you think son? Ready for more?”

Herb stood up, making his chair groan in protest, and walked over to the small chapel window before adding his thought. “So all that will coat the ice with layers of dark ash, causing more melting. Think about the ground being pushed up and heated under all that ice. See what we mean? I don’t get the part about the ground shaking here or this window breaking all over the chapel. Hmmm, don’t get that part, unless…”
Ralph shook his head too. “Elise is driving me nuts about that part. She thinks that part of your vision will unfold soon. Like real soon. But we don’t know the how or when it connects to these articles. Maybe more will happen to make it connect. What do you think? It’s your vision.”

Ted shook his head. “Yeah, and my hands and arms shook so badly. I couldn’t control them. It was kind of like they were so excited about what I was seeing and I should be too, ‘cept I was more scared than anything else, until… That understanding flowed over me. You know? The angel an’ all?” He hesitated as his memory overflowed with the passion of the moment. “You’re right though. I saw that window blow out as the ground shook around here just plain as day. Now you’ve got me wonderin’. What does it mean?”

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