IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Thirty One

Andy shook his head as Herb explained the decision to move ahead. “You know, what blond hair I have left will be white when this is over. Most people would pull the shades and bar the door. You’re…, I can’t say it…, you’re an inspiration to us. Of course you have every right to go ahead with the service. We’ll do our part. Don’t know how we’ll deal with the crowd of reporters. Here’s a warnin’ for you though. There will be some who’ll…, what’s the right term…, circus maybe? They’ll want to make this into a show for their own benefit. Can you handle that?”

Herb looked at Andy with some surprise. “Hmmm, you might be right ‘bout the circus issue. I’ll talk it up so the others will be truly warned. There are some of us, me included, who think havin’ the media involved is part of God’ plan to take this simple service and ignite the flame of revival to the nation. It’s…, very much in our prayers that this would happen.”

Andy shook his head even more. “Can’t believe it…, just can’t. You folks, well, you have more faith, or grit, than anyone I’ve ever seen. You make me want to believe in that Christ of yours.”

Herb gave Andy a serious look and put his hand on his arm to stop the talk right here. “Andy, He isn’t my Christ. He is Lord of all. What He is doing here…” Herb spread his arm out to include Tent City and the smoking town below. “What God is doing here, is just as much for you as any of the others. Trust His Word from John 3:16. It’ll be my theme this morning for the service.”

Andy looked back into the caring eyes of the Savior reflected through Herb. “I know you’re right. I’ll need to give this a good think, and thanks, you know, for carin’ and explainin’ it to me.”

Both men were jostled by a crowd of people trying to reach the parking lot. Andy looked past the crowd to give Herb a thumbs up. “Looks like you’ll be on in ’bout an hour. See ya then.” How about these people. In an hour, the entire nation will see what God is doing here…, and the pastor stops long ‘nough to take a moment for me…, that’s somethin’. Blocked roads or not, I’ve got to see that the members and regulars get through for their ‘normal’ service. I know. I’ll have a couple of their leaders stand with me by the barricades and tell me who to let in.

Stephen found a shaken news team, not used to being on their own in an unknown situation. “You’ll have us to help ya, and soon probably an army of your colleagues, if they can get in. Why not step up and show the world what you can do? You’re the only three here who can make it happen. I know you had a tough night, um…, some of us did too.”

Carrie, the perky brunette who was the ‘face of the news’, didn’t look either ready to perform or confident after the trauma of the night. “Yes, I heard about the bombs and the terrorists. Imagine, right here at the church or Tent City? Why, all those children, or defenseless injured, kind of makes me mad to think ’bout it. And yeah, thanks for the talk. We will step up and do this. From what I gather, we’ll be the only live feed out of here. The other networks, and probably the whole nation, will pick it up from us. My boss is going crazy for some video of the terrorists or the backpacks, or an interview with one of those involved…, say, how ’bout an interview right now?”

Stephen smiled back but shook his head no. “Here’s a hint. You might want to check your face before you go on camera…, which should be in a few minutes. Anyway, that’s the spirit of the moment. Good for you. I need to get back and help get the service goin’.” Wow, what a difference. Just a few minutes before and she was an emotional wreck, but now, she’s got spark in her eye an’ ready to take on the world…, hmmm, she might have to do just that.

Stephen looked back to see a frantic Carrie rushing back to her tent, the small vanity mirror in her hand reflecting the morning light back and forth. She’ll have a busy morning. By now the networks are screamin’ for ‘special reports, live from the scene’. Wonder if my dad will be involved in that? Whoa, where’d that come from? I haven’t thought ’bout the folks for months. Gotta wonder though. The dad I know would drop everything, including family time with me, to catch the first flight to the scene. Who knows, maybe I’ll see him. Wouldn’t that be a surprise for both of us?

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