IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Thirty Three

Diane knew others would want as normal a service as possible. How can anything be normal after what we’ve been through? Soon the light chords from a borrowed keyboard stilled the crowd. Diane looked past Herb to see sadness and despair. Then she gulped and absently straightened her short brunette hair as she realized the camera had turned from the crowd until it pointed directly at Herb and her. Oh Lord, may this service be for your Glory.

She moved aside as herb stepped up and the service was up and running. She prayed along with Herb and added. I hope the first song I picked out sends the right message…, ‘fear not, I am with thee, peace be still, in all of life’s ebb and flow, Jesus, Jesus, Jesus’…, yes, that should be just right.

Diane scanned the crowd as the first lines started out timidly from the camera shy audience. In response she sang louder. A few others responded in kind and soon the hymn rang out in defiance of all that is dark in this world. Wow, that sure caught on. I wonder how many viewers sang along with us?

She returned to her scan of the audience. How can this be? One hymn and look, faces turned up, and what is it? Is this the start of our yearning? Yes Lord, may it be so!

Diane turned as a second melody started from the keyboard. Where’s Mary? There she is, coming up past those people on the side. I’ve only heard this once and it was so beautiful, the way Mary can arch her voice up with the high melody. Diane listened as Mary began to sing, timidly at first, but then as Mary released the beauty in her soprano, hush broke over the audience. “Make me a blessing, make me a blessing…”

Diane noted the affect on the crowd. Individual faces stood out as joy overcame sorrow released through His Spirit. Thank you Lord. Yes, another one there, and over here too. This is exciting to see people turn from sadness to joy right in front of me. Yes indeed, thank you Lord.

Diane held up her hands in worship, joining the others to do so. She moved away and sat down as Pastor Herb stepped up with the morning message. Will Rita be spot on with her vision? How can these people, who’ve lost so much, simply turn to Him in their grief?

Herb began with the words of Mary’ song. “’Out in the highways and byways of life, many are weary and sad’. There are people here who’ve lost everything dear to them. Today it’s my position to, ‘carry to you sunshine, where darkness is rife, making the sorrowing glad.’”

Diane could see rows of people lean in to hear his words over the crackly speakers. Lord, be with my dear husbands words, that they may reach into cold broken hearts with His message of Life and Hope, amen. She listened as herb presented the good news. “Let’s move on today with a Word from our Lord. Those of you with a Bible please turn to John 3:16.”

Herb went on with strength and feeling in his voice. He explained God’ Love for each person, no matter what the problem, no matter what the sin, no matter what situation this morning found them. God’ Love covers it all… Herb gave his own testimony of how he’d come to trust Christ as Savior and Friend.

Herb gracefully moved on to Romans as he clearly outlined the plan of Salvation. Individuals turned from the darkness thrust upon them as coming out of a daze, earnestly listening with intent focus. Four men moved into a half circle behind the pulpit on signal from Herb. The keyboard played chords from, ’Softly and Tenderly, Jesus is calling.

Herb paused, trying to look into each person. “Will you come home today? Please, if God’s speaking to you right now, make your way to the front. We have some dear Christian people who will pray with you.”

Pastor Herb turned to gesture to Diane and the others who stepped down in anticipation of those who might need prayer. The television caught his face, reflecting His Love, as he reached to those already streaming toward the front.

Diane moved ahead with the others. Excitement of what God was about to do gave her face a flushed and eager look for the camera. Is this it God? The point in time where years of prayers have focused on? Will they come Lord? Will we see revival this day?

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