IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Thirty Four

Carrie forgot the camera for the moment. The tug in her heart swelled to the point where she turned to her camera man. “I.., can’t go on…, with this charade. I have to go and find that man. He’ll help me find Christ.”There he is. I have to know what to do, how to…

The quartet opened to full voice. Diane smiled to see Ted reach out to a young couple. See, there’s Rita with a little girl, and Ralph and Elise with a group of three. This is so exciting…, to see people move in response to the spirit. She turned to the left to see a pretty young brunette leap toward Stephen, pain and guilt covering her face. She watched as Stephen turned to her question and open his pocket Testament.

Diane reached down to the upraise hands of two little girls, coming forward with their mom. The first girl stepped right up, tugging on her mom’ hand. “We want to find Jesus too.” Warm tears of Love filled Diane’ eyes as she opened her Bible to those precious Words. “Yes, here it is. John 3:16…”

At last Herb moved back behind the pulpit. Looking over the hushed crowd Herb added. “Many have come home today, Praise God!”

Amen’ sounded from around the crowd.

“How ’bout we do this again. You’re all welcome back for an evening service.”

Herb didn’t know it but the networks cut out when Carrie marched away to Stephen. The networks turned to prepared panels of experts who reviewed each event of the weekend.

Ted, in his organized manner, thought ahead to give the networks the church phone number and e-mail address. Those went out at the end of the service before it cut out. Ted’ shrewd business move put the church phone on the map as a go to number for finding an answer to the pull of His Spirit. What started at the little white church on the bluff fanned out across the nation, turning people from darkness to light, beginning to answer those years of prayer for revival.

Ted pulled Rita over to the side, his face flushed with both excitement and weariness from the long night and this service. “Isn’t this something? I’ve never seen anything like it. You know…, all those miles we put on our bikes over the years brought us here, -for this moment in time. Who would’ve known, when we pulled into town, what events would happen, and now this?”

Rita leaned into Ted without realizing she did so. “Yeah, me too. I‘m a bit overwhelmed…, and so tired. More tired than I’ve ever been. But you’re right. I never dreamed our coming here, all six of us together, would lead to anything like this.” She stopped a moment, twisting her lip in thought. “You and I, with our visions and now these people comin’ to Christ. Where will it all end?”

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