IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Thirty Eight

Pastor Herb turned to Diane. “I’m happier now than in years. Sure, the weight of the disaster is still there, but, did you see how people responded to His call?”

Diane stopped her cleaning to look at Herb. “Yes, I feel it too. I don’t know the number, but it must’ve been more than a hundred people accepting Christ.” She put down her bucket and walked over to Herb. “How about you and I pull away for an hour or so, just like Ted and his gang did? I see the concern in your eyes and I feel that too, but tonight might be bigger than this morning. We just don’t know how the Spirit will work?”
Herb put his arm around Diane in a quiet hug and whispered. “Thanks dear. You’re right on. Let’s drop back for some rest and prayer time. We’ll need to be ready for the Spirit to move.” His thoughts drifted away as they walked across the back lawn to their home hand in hand. Wasn’t that a sight? All those people rushing forward to find Christ. I haven’t seen such a response in, well, ever! “You know dear, none of this would’ve happened if the New Madrid line hadn’t busted…, along with the economic tension from the flooding. I wonder what God’s up to don’t you? Now people have an example for the why. Why do some bad things happen? In this case so they would have a soft and open heart to the things of Christ. What a testimony to the Grace of God.”

She smiled as she thought of Chris. “That one young man who confronted Rita and Ted. That’s real in-your-face darkness and the Spirit of God blew it away.” A soft tear trickled down her cheek, followed by another and another as release found her. Herb knew her stance and put his arm around her shoulder in affirmation. Silence before the Lord rooted them in calm surrender. Her soft sobs soon fell away as she turned from his shoulder. Now I KNOW, and you KNOW. That young man, Ted and Rita. Now we know firsthand that God can overcome even in the worst of circumstances. It’s an affirmation for me that I’ve wondered about since I was a little girl out on the lonely prairie. ’Cept now I also know that it isn’t about us. It’s all about Jesus.

Diane thought as faces of victims flashed through her mind. “And yes, I do wonder. What’s God up to?”

Carrie stood off to the side of the parking area rereading a proof sheet. I know this sounds right but how? How can so many people come up from this disaster, survive terrorists, survive unbelievable trauma, and yet a stirring… What could cause people to be stripped of their safety net in various forms to not fall into despair and ruin, but to find this… She felt her steps retrace until she stood where Pastor Herb and Diane welcomed so many to Christ. What is it? What did we just see? Is it the beginning of revival like Stephen mentioned? She turned to rush back to her trailer but stopped after two steps. She snapped her fingers in exclamation. “That’s it! It isn’t what happened or who it happened to. This is about God, about God in control of every situation. Why didn’t I see it before?”

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