IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Three

Rev. Herb and Diane Ashley looked up from their prayers in shock. They reached for each other as Calm Assurance flooded over them. Herb flashed a thought of Ted. “Did you feel that?” His eyes brightened as the feeling of spiritual affirmation returned and swept him off his chair.

Diane only nodded as the Spirit rushed over her again, affirming what for years was often a low muttered prayer for revival at the little white church on the bluff. Finally her unsure voice squeaked out a reply. “What? What is this? What’s happening?” She coughed and nodded in part choke. “My mom… She used to be gripped like this… Never understood what…”

Tears filled her eyes as she looked over at Herb, who’d fallen to his knees in the only way he knew to answer such a sweeping feeling. She joined her husband down on the hardwood floor in worship. “Is this it? The answer we’ve been prayin’ for?” She felt Herb suddenly stiffen in the grip of the Spirit.

Herb shook with excitement as vision filled his inner being, bringing Peace to his question, closing his ability to answer or even to move his head in an answering nod. Visions of formerly placid ice formations being ripped from the heating ground, then hurled into the air as hot magma exploded from underneath, filled him with sudden dread.

His hands and arms unlocked enough to rise toward God in a reverent sign of worship. Then, in an instance he stood shivering beside the seas in the hands of an angel. Colors so rich it staggered his concept of nature painted the sky for miles and peaceful aromas filled his senses with awe that drove him to his knees.

The angel gently lifted Herb to a place of higher understanding next to him and pointed inland. Newly melted water flooded over his feet, rushed up to his waist, then toward land in a dramatic announcement of what is to come. Then nothing…”

Diane reached for Herb as he smiled his contentment in the Spirit and sighed. “Honey? What is it? What’s happening?”

Ted pulled his black Harley behind the church next to Rita’ blue bike. This time he turned away from the church and chapel and purposely walked toward the scenic overlook. What is it? This is driving me crazy!

He paced back and forth watching the busy city of Ravenna below. Something’s up. That’s for sure. Couldn’t sleep…, like God wants to show me something, like during one of those visions… But what?

He walked past the overlook, past a jumble of boulders and down toward a second less used overlook. He noticed the glint of sun on long light brown hair through the sparse brush and rocks. Ah, Rita got here first. Wonder…

Rita glanced around at his heavy footfalls, noticing his familiar ruddy look through the brush. Her haunted eyes told her story as she moved over for him. “You too?”

Ted smiled as he settled in next to her. “Yup, me too. Couldn’t sleep… Like I’m supposed to know or find out something. But what?”

Rita straightened out her long legs, scraping her boots against the rough boulders. “Sounds ‘bout right. Couldn’t sleep. Tried goin’ for a ride, but it didn’t seem right.” She pointed to the northwest. “It’s like a call or something, coming from that direction.”

Ted felt his smile change over to a grimace. How did she know?

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