IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Forty Two

Jolene Bachstrom checked her readings carefully. How can this be? Nothing of this magnitude had happened in my park in thousands of years. I’m sure of it. The evidence rattled away in the printer as more screamed meaning from her screen. The computer screen reflected her sincere face. It’s happening again. Another flurry of mini quakes, all centered under the west thumb of Yellowstone Lake. I was right in my original estimate. The dome is rising, and fast. Those mini quakes are keeping it going.

Usually early September realized the decline of tourist season. Jolene looked absently at her screen as her thoughts whirled. I’m going to step in here and close this area of the park and probably the lake too. Hmmm, I’ll alert the National Guard, both Governors. Oh, the staff, duh, they might need to know what I know. They’ll start the plan, warn towns downwind. Is it too early to blow the whistle?

With a script laid out for them, Jolene and her staff kept busy. Oh no, I hate news meetings. The reporters don’t do much homework it seems, if the last meeting holds true to form. I’ll have to repeat myself, explain terms and still look cool and professional. Yes, that’s just what I’ll do, and do it well too. The thing is, am I right or am I blowing a false alarm?

Brodine reached down to find confusion and retreat before the host of heaven. He bellowed toward the unknown. “No! I will not have it this way! The time of chaos is almost here. My time and those who share darkness with me will know this as the beginning of our time.” He turned to his waiting commanders. “Go, take legions and expand chaos. Don’t let any opportunity escape.”

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