IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Forty Four

Brodine Emerson III smacked his lips in satisfaction. This is it. Just the kind of panic I need to spread chaos across the country…, and elsewhere. He dialed in another number and waited, growing more irritated by the second. “What? Asleep? Well, wake him up! Wake ’em all up. We’ve got a long day of business ahead of us. He slammed down the phone. “Weaklings…, all of ’em. Don’t they know the opportunity that lies before me…, before the Grand Scheme?”

He looked down to see a red flash of signal. Picking that line he listened for a moment then shook his head in answer. “No. You won’t do anything of the kind. I’m tellin’ you to sell! Sell it all at a loss and the distribution company too. How much? All of it. That’s how much!”

He turned to the other phone, the one reserved for Grand Scheme elite. Only six men in the world held access to this line, all party to the Grand Scheme. Two of the lines screamed a red signal for him to answer, yet he hesitated as a prickle of fear crept up his spine. “Yes sir? Yes sir, all of it, yes sir, that too.” The line went dead in his ear as he picked up the next signal. “Yes, I got my orders. How ’bout you? Yes, all of it, me too. We’ll drive world stocks down past any reasonable point and then lower.”

Ted shivered as he felt darkness reach for him. That same feeling again. Like an overpowering force trying to snuff the life and breath out of this nation. But…, no, it’s two, no one? What power is so great to cause this much spiritual conflict? Lord? I don’t understand the powers of darkness, how they seem to press hard against not just me, but against what you’ve accomplished here in your Holy Name/ Help me Lord to understand!

Ted broke away as he ran out into the early morning air to clear his head. The half gray light of dawn barely lit through the fog in the back woods. He pulled his shirt collar up and shoved his hands deep into his pockets as he wandered absently across the backyard. He stopped and looked into the sky as if the answers would float by just for him. What’s going on God? I sense a dark purpose here, but for what?

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