IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Forty Eight

Ted leaned into Rita, exhausted but thrilled. She caught him in close embrace. Oh Lord, I pray for our work here, for what you’ve told us through this brave man. Lord, be of Comfort to Ted through me because…, I love him so…

Diane was the first to notice how close the embrace was, as Rita held Ted. She said nothing but couldn’t help narrowing her eyes in wonder at the sight of the two so close together. I wonder if more than one passion was uncovered here today? Guess I’ll have a little talk with Rita when we can find a moment alone. I know I’d sure want to talk to a friend about my new love. Diane glanced over to Herb and Ralph to see if they’d picked up on the new arrangement but neither seemed aware of the obvious.

She did see a subtle transformation in the group as the words of prophecy hit home. No more unsure looks back and forth. No more question in each eye. A Spirit of Bold Faith and Passion for the Lord seemed to hover in the room.

Ted grinned wider as his shakes abated. “It was so great, more than beyond. To see this protective part of God. It’s too great. Can’t begin to explain to you the depth of Love and Peace as it poured over me. Such an intensity of His Spirit is, um…”

Rita pulled back from her embrace of Ted as he plainly could sit up and talk normally. “Pretty intense huh?”

Ted wanted to pull her back close, to never let her go, but he forced himself to merely sitting back up with a sheepish grin. “You’re right. The intensity that I feel is so great. Wonder how others handle it, hmmm.”

Herb grew serious. “Yes and we must be on guard, just as He warned, to watch and resist the devil so he will flee from us. I take this warning seriously. After what happened with the terrorists, I think we can expect continued assault. Not of us, but because of the Light of His Word.” He looked back down as more thought poured into him. He shook his head as the thought moved deeper into him. “Don’t know about this, but I have another thought on terrorism. Ummm, don’t know how to explain…” He tried to stand up but his knees didn’t cooperate.

Rita gasped at the look on his face. “What is it? You an’ Ted… What’s going on?”

Herb shook his head again. “Not ’nother vision, just…” He gasped again, not sure of his ability to stand. “Do you ever wonder as I do with such a passion behind the thought? You know, the why of it all? When darkness uses a small segment of our society to try to force evil upon our society… To kill, maim, and destroy as tactics, rather than wisdom, understanding, and the burden of prayer. Like you’re mom and dad, Elise.”

Elise clapped again per her habit. “Oh yes, how mom and dad used to weep for the lost. That’s a memory I’ll not forget. They had the same question too, as you Herb.”

Diane knelt down to her husband. “Herb and I talked ’bout this until late last night. We came up with the term, ‘social terrorism’. Social terrorism like what we experienced right here. Herb and I, well, probably you guys too. We’re trying to understand, you know, just like what the angel said, how evil wants to have us…” She shuddered. “Just because of our stand for Christ.” Ted nodded toward Pastor Herb. “I like that name. Social terrorism. Using evil to impose your idea on the rest of society.”

Ralph murmured as he choked a bit. “Hmmm, social terrorism. I’ll bet it will be misunderstood by those without Christ. I mean, look at our country and what happens. Some weirdo uses religion, or the name of Jesus, in some bone headed killing spree, all in the ‘name of Jesus’. It becomes a tactic of darkness to slur the true meaning of Salvation or the correct use of the ‘name of Jesus’. See what I mean?”

Diane agreed. “Yeah. That seems to happen more often than not. It’s another form of social terrorism and makes people think we hate, or kill, just like what darkness does.”

Pastor Herb sighed. “Makes it even more important that we show and tell true Biblical Christianity. So that people can discern between good and evil.” He sighed again. “I hope that’s what we showed to these people and the TV audience. I don’t know how we could’ve been more sincere in our faith.”

Elise clapped her hands again. “Several hundred people must’ve thought so as they poured forward to find Christ. I remember this one teenage girl. So confused by it all and the bandages on her arms and legs. But she found Christ and now she’s…” She buried her face in her petite hands and turned her shaking shoulders into Ralph.

Ted had to look down and away as the memories of those moments flooded over him. “Yup. Me too. All the visions an’ people flooding down. Never forget… So beyond…”

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