IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Forty Nine

Ralph broke the quiet mood of the moment with his voice still throaty with Passion. “That’s exactly right Ted. It is beyond and I think it’s supposed to be. To stand with the angels and hear His Message so clear and plain…” His voice choked off in a sigh.

Herb regained his voice. God wants all aspects of our lives to be used for Him. Things like our spiritual, financial, moral, I don’t know, just you know, all parts of our lives. There is more of course. I’ve found that the more of my life that I turn over to Him, my relationship with God grows stronger. I’m havin’ a hard time right now trying to explain to you the depth of His Peace and Love that I receive. It’s something that I would wish for each of you. There are moments that I burst out in song, the excitement of emotion so strong in me. That’s it!” Herb looked around the group with fire in his eyes. “That’s it. The Fire of His Passion is beyond too!”

Diane broke in with a chuckle. “It’s true. You should see him. I’ll hear him in the early morning singing away to God after his devotions. I feel it in my own life too. You know, the excitement, the Passion to live for God and to bring others to Him. Like the service on Sunday morning with the crowd of people not just curious about God, but eager to push forward and accept Him.”

Diane paused, a bit overcome by her outburst. “Now it’s our job, no, that isn’t it, um… Now it’s my Passion, to help these people through the big turn in their lives as they accept Christ. God gave me this charge; to disciple these new believers beyond what I learned in Sunday School or in a simple study guide. No. No.”

Diane had to lean forward as Passion filled her eyes. “I want to help them be vibrant, excited people with Passion for sharing Christ. Passion like this can change lives, change attitudes, it could change our country! Accepting Christ into life isn’t an end. It’s a beginning! The start of the most challenging and rewarding life I know!”

Rita broke in with her serious tone, but still held Ted. “Yeah, like Mary. She has such a dark life but God set her free. Did you hear her sing? That was really something.”

Ted leaned back closer to Rita, drawn by the fiery determination in her eyes. “An’ don’t forget Chris. I’ve never felt God’ Power like that before. I don’t know what I did or said but I’ll never forget the look in those eyes as his demons met face to face with the Spirit of God. I guess up until then, I didn’t know for myself that there was Power in Jesus Name!”

Elise’ face wet with tears. “This is it. This is what we’re supposed to do. Be living examples of His Power both in our lives and to reach out and share it with others! Not to live our Christian life in apathy and fear, but to feel His Passion, the Truth of His Word, to show His Love, Power, and Excitement in our lives! Who knows what God will bring next? Do you?”

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