IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Four

Seven months later

“What do think Ted?”

“This is right in line with our visions, Pastor. That’s what I think. But, we’ve said this for several months now and nothing else is happening.”

Ralph Severson’s deep voice cut in. “You don’t call $15.39 gas anything happening? Even with rationing and the promise of three new high water ports, we still won’t get enough fuel for basic needs. I think it’ll be a question of enough refining capacity. Too many of those massive facilities are right down next to the ocean. See what I mean? And now? Did you see the note I left for you? Israel discovered oil and gas reserves. Maybe enough to become energy independent. Think what that means in the long term. Now here… Food prices, jeepers, what’s a simple can of beans now? I think I paid three something for one can. Good thing we stockpiled at preflood prices.” He shook his head as a mental picture of Elise’ frail mom and dad pushing to build the huge warehouse complex before they passed on, flooded his mind.

A look of concern passed between Ralph and Pastor Herb. Ralph leaned forward, worry etched on his face. “I don’t want to scare the ladies or the congregation, but…”

Pastor Herb felt a shiver go up his spine. “Are you kidding me? Elise and Diane are watching this like a hawk. And yeah, it is a good thing we stockpiled ahead. Elise’ parents had the vision and presence of mind to set us up with a new multi-purpose building and huge warehouse complex with tons of emergency equipment and supplies, but they didn’t say one word about havin’ a vision like ol’ Ted here… Or mine either.”

Ralph drummed his fingers on the desk top in thought. “No, you’re right on that count. But they did follow the prompt of the Spirit, same as we’re tryin’ to do. But that isn’t what’s buggin’ me.”

Ralph leaned forward as his voice choked on the words. “Revival! We’ve been prayin’ for revival for over two years, well, since before Elise’ parents passed on actually. An’ what’re we seein’? Nothing! Don’t you see? All this is happening right in front of our eyes and people still don’t get it. What’s it gonna take for people to stop? To be still and hear His voice?”

Ralph stopped his rant long enough to realize that he was shaking in his desire for the world to wake up and see what God was doing. Be still and know that I am God! “Did you hear the news flash? Another volcano started in that new mountain chain in Antarctica. Two more opened along that same vent in the Andes. The situation looks pretty grim. Sea levels are another foot higher in eight months. Cities along the coasts are in a panic or partially gone.” He shook his head in worry. “My cousins are packin’ up to leave their beautiful estate home in Maryland. Probably comin’ here. How high will it go?”

Ralph watched in surprise as both Ted and Pastor Herb stood up and automatically placed their hands on their waists where the angel showed them. Both answered at the same time. “This high!”

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