IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Fifty Two

Dave Christianson felt a calling and it drove him crazy. Sure, I escaped from Ravenna by my ability to run faster than the others, but now this. Don’t know where to run…, to escape.

Dave reflected as he looked absently at the broken piece of glass under his foot. Man, I had it made down there…, the life and money to do what I wanted… Now this place gives me the creeps ’cause…, hmmm, what?

He stomped the piece of glass and walked back and forth outside Tent City. That’s it, people here care. They’re really going all out to help these troubled people an’ I, well I, used to try to take advantage, you know, wherever. The struggle within him started to scream for attention.

What’s with this Ron guy? Guys like him, comin’ to Ravenna from a tougher past than me, loosin’ everything, like me, but, no, not like me. Ron is so genuine it hurts. No, not like me at all! Why do I feel so miserable?

He picked up the booklet that Ron gave to him and turned to the tucked in page and read out loud. “For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son... No!”

Dave threw the booklet across the path and strode toward the perimeter with strong steps. Gotta get outta this place.

Directly to his front he noticed two soldiers standing apart. When the soldiers noticed him, they both moved forward in a serious manner. Motioning back, the first soldier looked him in the eye. “Go back, go back to camp.”

Dave felt a surge inside of him. “No, you don’t understand, I have to get out… The voices…”

Both soldiers moved to block his path. Another soldier appeared behind the two. Dave looked down the field where a full line of soldiers guarded the camp. Desperate now, he tried to step ahead. “You don’t know what I’m running from.”

He was met with pointed rifles and serious looks with direct command. “Son, you better turn around and go back. Now!”

Frustrated, Dave fled back into Tent City and out the other side only to find a parking lot and the little white church on the bluff. Memory flew through his mind of awful falling buildings, screams, his long run up the drive and past this church. He made the connection. Instead of turning back he stepped ahead with his same forceful stride, strangely Calm.

Seeing him enter a man stood up and stretched then came toward Dave.

Dave felt a purpose drawing him in, sensing a longing for something… “What is this place?”

Stephen answered with Calm. “This is a place of God’ Peace and I’m Stephen. Hmmm, you look like you could use a friend. How can I help?”

Dave paused, wary from his life on the road. This guy seems genuine ’nough. Just like that Ron character. “Yeah, um, guess I do need someone to talk to.”

Those on the other side of the auditorium changed the focus of their prayer, holding this young man for Jesus.

Suddenly Dave erupted with his life story, unable to hold it back.

Stephen nodded at the sorry mess. “Yup, just like me. I’ve been there, done that, but with one big difference. You see, I found the Way. How ’bout you?”

Dave felt the battle mount then release as he saw the Light. “Yeah, now I see. It’s all ‘bout Jesus an’…, my sin. I’m so bad. What do I do?”

Stephen nodded and opened his pocket New Testament.

This time Dave didn’t openly run from those same words. Instead he leaned forward hungrily, as if the next few seconds meant the difference between life and death, between darkness and Light.

Together they prayed. Dave felt a cold stone roll away as Light erased his trouble. Lifting his head as Redeemed he shouted. “Yes, an’ I’ve got a story for you.”

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