IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Fifty Four

Reggie took time away with God, following the encouraging advice from Herb and Ralph. So much I don’t understand. My days of wishing are past. I know Lord, that a mighty work is happening here. Now you’ve brought me into the equation to exalt your Name. But Lord, I’m not worthy of this. My life to this point is trash…, oh Lord, the broken relationships, the hard cruel business… I could’ve helped so many. Oh Lord, how can you forgive this sorry old man?

Tears of regret broke openly on Reggie. That’s why he’d picked this lonely late evening to walk around his empty estates on Counters Bluff, east of the church campus. God, I know I need to seek you out and yet…, it’s something else, something between you and I. He waited by the three completed homes, empty, but majestic in their grandeur of design. Looking around his failed experiment at Counter Bluff Estates, he suddenly got it. Reggie sank to his knees in the rich turf. Oh Lord, this is just like me…, and just like the country. I’m full of puffed up pride, going my own way, with no need for you. And now, this is what I am. An empty shell of grandeur, devoid of Godly purpose.

Lord, you gave me vision for which I’m unworthy. But yet, these Godly people are here against all odds, boldly proclaiming Christ in the middle of catastrophe and terrorist attacks from which Lord, I would’ve run. Yes Lord. I would’ve taken my worldly goods and run to a safer place, putting my wealth above my worship of you. Oh God, can you forgive this broken old man?

Reggie trembled as he felt the same vision returning to him. Yes Lord. I see them, dozens of them, eager workers, building a new town to take the place of the old.

A huge thunder cap of an explosion sounded in his vision, jarring him to dig his fingers into the soil and cling for dear life. The ground shook under him as he felt hot blast blow over him. Shaking his head he dared to look up to see the home next to him blown wide open and now in flames reaching up into the night sky. The vision shook him and left him weeping on the ground as the evening dew settled on the quiet estates.

Yes Lord, even this. If you wish to blow it all away, I still give it to you. I give it all to you. These grand estates, my businesses, my wealth, my time. May this humble servant be used by you Lord. Amen.

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