IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Fifty Six

Herb and Diane looked up as dirty and ragged looking Reggie softly knocked on the partly open door. “Got time for ’nother idea?”

Diane reached out to him. “You bet. Seems like the Spirit is laying it on thick. Hmmm, are you okay? You look like you haven’t slept all night.”

Reggie shuffled toward an open chair, shaking his head wearily as he sat down. He waited a moment to settle his thought. “You’re right. I haven’t slept all night. Not because of me or because I’m ill. No, far from it. God kept me up with vision for Counters Bluff that will…, well, I need to back up.”

Herb and Diane held back as they waited for Reggie to say his piece. In spite of his appearance, what they saw was a man at peace with himself and with God, a direct change from what he’d shown in his downtown office. “Can you forgive this old man for his sin and cruel hate toward you?”

Herb started to reply but Reggie waved him back. “No, no. Hear me out. You see, for years I hated what you stood for. Your gleaming little white church on the bluff stood against all that I was trying to do. My pride and greed wanted more. More of everything at the expense of the good people here. Now God has brought me to my rightful…” Reggie stopped speaking and wept the tears of a broken man before the Lord, unashamed in front of Herb and Diane.

“Can you? Can you forgive me? The Lord’s brought me to this place to do a work for Him, and yet I’m so unworthy of the task until I know that you can forgive me. Please, tell me straight. This is so important, for I can’t go on without knowing.”

Herb got up and reached out to Reggie. He put his arm around the old man, conscious of how frail he seemed. “Reggie. What you just said is simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God. You won’t know this, but that is exactly what we were prayin’ and talkin’ ’bout when you walked in. Of course we forgive you, for we know God has and we do too. It seems as if God is pulling us all together for a mighty work. People like Ted and Rita and his whole gang of bikers.”

Diane nodded. “Yes, and Mary with her beautiful voice, and now dozens of others as if our entire church body is coming together for what God has in mind for revival.”

Reggie moaned inwardly as if his news was too great to bear. “Yes, exactly and that’s why I was up all night…, with the Lord. You see, God needed to set me straight on some issues and well…, here it is. I want you to take all those moms and children from downstairs and move them into two of my homes on Counters Bluff. They’ve sat empty and unused, just like me, for so long – until now!”

He looked up with a new fierceness in his eyes that sat Herb and Diane back. “Until now and for the Lord. That’s what I say, for the Lord. I couldn’t be more serious, move them in today. As soon as you can, see? All those bedrooms and bathrooms ought to be just the thing for young mothers with kids. The third house is for those bikers of yours. Aren’t they somethin’? Gotta love ’em.”

I checked into something else. Seems like the quake put them out of housing and work too. How ’bout they use the third house as long as they need or see fit. I’m not sure of all the why’s but this is what I’m supposed to do. Took God most of the night to bring me to this point and I’m not ’bout to change any of it, for the Glory of God.”

Herb and Diane clasped hands together for the Lord. “Yes Lord. Thank you for answers to these prayers, and may all of us be used for you, simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God. Amen.”

Reggie shuffled a little and blurted out a warning. “We need to watch out for those bikers. I received Warning too. We need to be careful for each other. I’m not sure what it is, but I feel an ancient darkness will try to swat us out of the way, and soon. Can’t explain that a bit.”

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