IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Fifty Seven

Ted pulled Gordy aside while they helped move chairs. “I’m ’bout ready for a ride. How ’bout you guys?”

Gordy perked up at the thought. “Just our guys, miles of open road, ridin’ together just like a few years ago? I’m more than ready.” He looked back at Ted who stood looking out of the parking lot toward the open road. “Ya hear it callin’, same as me?”

Ted nodded, turning as he did so to look into Gordy’ face. Yeah, like in it’s been beyond intense ’round here, with my visions and all. I don’t know. I think it might help me get the right perspective ’gain.”

Gordy looked down, picking up the serious tone from Ted. “Yeah, me too. Kinda worn ’round the edges a bit.” He stood by Ted, looking out past the parking lot, feeling the vibration of the bike on the road, wanting to feel his coarse gray hair and beard blow back in the wind.

Rita walked by with some cushions but stopped when she noticed the normally active Ted and Gordy still for a moment. She turned and looked out of the parking lot, trying to see what they were gazing at. “What’s up guys?”

Ted pulled her over a step so she stood with them. “Ssshhh. Ya hear it callin’?”

Rita bent over enough to see their faces, then stood with them, listening.

On the other side of the parking area, Tim noticed the three and grabbed Ron’ arm and pointed. “What’s with ’em now? Think maybe ’nother vision?”

Ron stopped and looked, then turned to also look past the parking lot, past the frantic activity, trying to gauge the feeling. “Nah. I know what it is. Look. It’s been, um, kind of intense ‘round here. I think Ted just got the ol’ itch ta ride ’gain. How ’bout you?”

“Hey, you know me. I’m more than ready. There’s Stephen. I wonder…, nah, I know he’ll want to hit the road, same’s us.”

Ron and Tim walked past the activity and joined the crew. Stephen did the same with a look of question in his eyes. Together the six stood in line, feeling the pull of the open road, not saying a word.

Finally Ted spoke up. “Guys, I think we need a good long ride. Don’t know where. Maybe just out on the road might be ’nough. Probably a couple days worth. You guys in?”

As one, the guys broke out in whoops and high fives. “I guess that means yes, huh?”

Rita beamed toward him. “Ya think?” Then she turned serious. “Hey guys, a moment here. Hey, I’m with you all the way, but, um, we still got a service to do. How ‘bout takin’, you know, the first part of next week and getting’ ’way then?”

Tim answered back. “Hey, that works for me. Two days out, um boy. That sounds so goooood!” He put out his arms as if they held the handles of his Harley. Putting his lips together, he mimicked his bike sound. The others laughed and did the same. Wheeling great circles around each other, feeling the spirit of the road melt into them for a moment in time.

Pastor Herb stepped out of the church with Diane and noticed the antics of the group. He pulled his arms to gather Diane close. He nodded toward the group. “Honey. Look at those crazy guys. I don’t pretend to understand their way, but I think they need to get away. How do they say it? Hit the road? I don’t know, but I think after these services they need a break, don’t you?”

Diane pulled into his embrace until she could look him full in the face. What she saw were pulled lines of stress and tired shoulders from the weight of the ministry. “Maybe they’re not the only ones. I think they call it the call of the open road. I know I’d settle for a quiet afternoon away with the man I love, just the two of us.” She squeezed his hands for emphasis.

Herb looked down at her sweet face, earnest in its plea. “You’re right. Maybe we’ll take some time away. I’ll need to recharge too, especially after what this weekend looks to be.”

Diane looked past his shoulder, past the six bikers, up into the heavens, seeking what God would have them do. Lord, I remember your Word. How you backed away from ministry for a break. Can we…, do we dare try to back away with all this going on? Oh Lord, hear the intent of our hearts, how we want to serve you, and also need to…, to refresh, amen. She opened her eyes and found she didn’t want to let go of his tight squeeze. “I think if they go for a ride, then we need to get away too.” She sighed and pulled away as the spell broke. “But for now, until then, I have a thousand things to do. Come on, we have a service to do, simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God.”

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