IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Fifty Nine

Pastor had his message. God’ message of overcoming adversity through faith in Jesus Christ. “Wow Diane. This message might be the key that unlocks revival. And it’s your idea about others sharin’ ’bout Jesus. Can’t wait for the service to start. Hmmm, I’ll need Stephen to cue in the networks about the testimonies so they’ll be ready, ’cause this won’t be a normal service, whatever normal is around here now.”

Stephen tried again to explain the sequence to Carrie. “It won’t be a normal service, you see, quite a few people have turned to Christ, just like you Carrie, and now, that’s what the service will be, testimonies and song. Only thing is, I can’t tell you how long each will be, or how to cue you to the next because this is unrehearsed. You’ll have to trust your instincts and training for camera angles and such. Oh, and watch the sound pick up. Some of the kids might be too quiet. Can you handle that?”

Carrie shook her head in wonder. “You mean you’re putting little kids and old men in front of a national audience without knowing what they’ll say, or even a rehearsal?”

Stephen laughed his sort of quiet chuckle at her confused look. “Look Carrie. Everything we’ve done so far has been on the fly, reliant on what God leads each moment. This is nothing more than the same, just a different form. I’ll be up front to help direct things so if you need, I’ll try to cue you in.

Hey. that’s an idea, have your sound man up front, so he can pick up a sound, from right next to me. Just so you know. The service is designed to be simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God. Oh, and that’s our official new motto. Please use it whenever you mention the little white church on the bluff.”

Carrie still looked stunned by the simple approach. “Yeah, I like the sound of it, but it’s getting to be quite a mouthful each time.” Carrie waited, not wanting her time with Stephen to end. “You seem so confident that this will work. What if some back out or make a mess of it. I need to be responsible to the station, and , well…” She looked up into his blue eyes and stopped, held there by his return look. Oh my, I could look into your blue eyes for…, forever.

Stephen tuned out of the conversations around him, drawn to the little fire ball staring at him. What is it about you? The way you style your hair or your cute dimple when you smile, or is it the fire in your eyes, like you could take on the world…, or just want to be with me, hmmm. “It’s faith Carrie. Faith in what God’s doing and what He’s gonna do. There isn’t any other way, ’cept faith in Jesus. Why don’t you announce it that way? That this will be unrehearsed, you know, with our motto, and see what happens.”

Carrie snapped out of her reflection. “Huh? What about faith?” She reached out to Stephen to steady herself, not trusting her voice anymore, feeling her knees wanting to buckle.

Stephen put his long arm around her to steady her and bent down to her ear in his soft voice. “You OK? How ’bout we sit down over here a bit?” Holding her hand and still wrapping his arm around her, he guided her small steps to some chairs.

She leaned into him and held still, hearing his fast heartbeat as he held her. I want to be here, safe in your arms. That’s all I’ll ever want, for you to hold me close, just like this.

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