IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Five

Ted pulled his black Harley around in back of the church, letting his mind follow a prompt. Look to the northwest. He parked next to the familiar blue Harley and let his feet take him to the second lower lookout.

Rita glanced up as his stocky form emerged from the boulders. “This is getting to be a habit.”

Ted nodded as he levered his weight down against the hard boulders. “You come here often?”

She jumped at his bait. “Just when I want to meet my kind of guy.”

Ted raised his eyebrow but ignored her jest. He pointed past the city of Ravenna nestled below along the muddy Mississippi River and high hills toward the northwest. “It’s getting stronger. Any clue yet?”

Rita followed his gaze and lowered her voice to whisper. “Ted…”

His voice matched hers. “I know…”

She leaned against his bulk and shivered. “I’ve heard of the call of the wild. We both KNOW the call of the road. But what’s this? So many conflicting thoughts.”

Ted gasped as sudden revelation came into clear focus. “Yes! That’s it exactly. Two conflicting voices, battling to be heard.” His shiver matched hers. “The first one scares me an’ that isn’t easy to do…”

Rita pulled her long legs up and pulled her arms around them in thought. “Me too. I get these visions of an evil presence, reaching out toward me, trying desperately to drown out the second voice.”

Ted jerked back against the hard rock and gulped. “That’s it exactly. Thanks. Couldn’t put it into words…”

Rita grimaced at her recollection. “An’ the other voice?”

Ted lowered his voice again. “Still small voice, carrying an awesome message… In Spirit and Truth!”

She reached out a shaking hand. “Ted… This… This is scaring me!”

He put his arm around her and sighed. Me too. Whatever it is? Is gonna happen soon, like real soon. Then…, as far as I can tell, that’ll set up a sequence of events like…”

She put her hand on his arm as shiver convulsed her again. “You believe in evil? A yawning darkness, seeking to swallow us up to prevent His Word from coming out?”

Ted nodded as he absently put his hand over hers. “My place… Hmmm, don’t quite know how to explain this. My visions you know… When I went to a place of higher understanding. Seemed so real, like it just happened.” He felt his lips move per his thought. “Because they won’t stop. Won’t stop and be still! Be still and know that I am God…” He startled at his own words. “Just what Ralph said… Hmmm.”

Rita nodded. “Tell me again…, please?”

Ted closed his eyes. “He took me to a place of higher understanding. Hard to explain. I saw it there. A depth of darkness trying to steal this nation. Some kind of evil motive, trying to subvert the government to its will. Really scares me, you know? The depth of wickedness involved in that. Then, a hand of disaster…”

Rita gasped as he said the word. “I feel that too. Jumbles of rock and heat moving toward some kind of rendezvous.”

Ted hesitated. “Yeah an’ that brings me to the tiny chapel window blowing out, the floor shakin’ so… Can’t get away from that… To know that level of evil…”

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