IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Sixty

Pastor Herb woke up with the image of the little healed girl on his mind. As he finished breakfast, he motioned to Diane between bites. “This is good. Thanks honey.” He put his fork down over his eggs and looked away for a moment. “I can’t get the picture of that little girl out of my mind. You know, the one who was healed? Can’t get her off my mind. Wonder what God’s going to do with her today?”

Diane nodded her understanding. “I know. She’s so cute the way her braids bounce around when she runs. Probably never thought she’d run ’gain – before she was healed, I mean. The other kids call her Sam. Don’t know if that’s for Samantha or what. Sam works for me. I think she’s third or fourth to give testimony. I’m looking forward to hear what she’ll say.”

Herb picked up his fork and made lines through the bright yellow yoke. “I know. Me too. Can’t help but think God is going to do something special with her, either today or someday soon. You know, the kind of thing that makes people set up and take notice.”

Stephen ducked away from the floor of the platform so the service could start. He looked over at Herb for the signal, then stood to one side and gave Carrie thumbs up. The signal started her countdown. She brought the audience into the scene while the camera panned the crowd. On count she turned and pointed at Herb.

Stephen moved over to crouch by Sam and her mom as Herb led in prayer, expecting her to be afraid. Instead she leaned toward him and beamed. “Isn’t this fun?”

He nodded back and looked her right in the eye, looking for fear, or whatever else Carrie could be so afraid of. What he looked into were the merry twinkling eyes of a little girl having a good time, confident of her message, and totally relaxed. He’d talked to her before service and she told him what was on her heart. Man, are they in for a surprise.

Stephen knew of the coming pause for the local mixed choir to step up. They lined up to the side before service started so service flow was maintained. He wasn’t ready for the blast as the up tempo song belted out across the crowd. He crouched down and scurried off to the right just as the sound man turned to the left. The two collided to the ground in an embarrassed heap, just off camera. The choir, singing above them, didn’t miss a beat, but the soundman lost his grip on the equipment for a moment.

Carrie gulped as she saw the two go down as the on hand crowd watched. She stood up on her toes and leaned to the right as little to see through the crowd. Even then she couldn’t see the two get untangled or see Stephen crawl away to the back of the choir. Stephen! She looked down to see her hands shaking and felt her heart pounding as her thoughts surprised her. Stephen, you’re my man. Are you okay?

Her camera man whispered to her. “It’s okay. They both got away off camera.”

She sighed relief and turned him bravely. “Yeah, close one, huh.”

Stephen stepped around again as the choir finished and the camera turned back to the front. On signal the first choir turned as one and melted back into the next choir coming to take their place. In all the choirs turned over sixty excited bodies from front to back and out again in two minutes flat.

Stephen waited for the first testimony to finish. It was the same brash Dave that wandered into the church one morning, seeking the Savior. Stephen waited as Dave explained his crushing need to escape from darkness – to His Light. Dave hesitated as he shuddered visibly on camera. Dave pointed out at the crowd. “Yes. That’s it. Victory in Jesus over whatever darkness you’re in. Turn from that darkness like I did. Jesus is waiting – waiting for you and for me…”

Stephen pulled his list from his pants pocket. Chris will be next. I know Chris now. I wonder…, how will the darkness respond to his testimony? This will be wild.

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