IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Sixty Three

Stephen didn’t see the small old man emerge from the crowd. Reggie suddenly appeared and nodded to Stephen and walked with determined stride to the front. He paused a moment to look back into the crowd with his harsh business face. “Many of you know me only through business. It was through business that I built Ravenna into what it was…, and now it’s gone. Am I sad? Am I torn by what’s happened? Sure. A little, but that’s not why I’m here today. You see…, all the time I built Ravenna, my life fell apart. These people…”

He swept his arms toward Herb and Diane, “have far more than I ever will have. You see, they have faith in Christ, a one – on – one relationship with the Creator of the universe. Think what this means – to know God and be known by Him. What could be greater than this?

And they have something else. They have His Spirit, showing them right from wrong, from good and evil, that I didn’t have. I was considered rich, in fact the richest man in town by far…, and yet the truth is…, I was poor and broken in my spirit, and the most miserable man in town by far.”

His posture changed from the gruff initial speaker, to a kinder, softer man. “So now what? What’s the bottom line as I used to say? It’s simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God. And yes, just like Chris said earlier. I will proclaim it from the heights of heaven to the depths of hell; that God is Light, and in Him is no darkness at all. Jesus Christ saved this wretched old man from sin and set me free. Yes, free indeed to now do His Will. Did you catch that? His Will, not mine. And now I have Peace with God, and I have a glowing Spirit of God inside me too.”

He paused a moment to wipe his brow with his bare hand. Looking back into the camera he whispered at first, building to volume. “And I ask you. Will you too, turn from darkness to Light? Will you turn to Jesus for forgiveness, and then cleansing Salvation with the Spirit of the Almighty God?”

He stood, in defiance of all that he had been, holding his hands toward heaven. Then he let his hands down and calmly walked away. Herb leaned toward Diane and whispered. “That’s about it. After Dave and Chris, little Sam, and now Reggie, we might as well be done.”

Diane nodded but pointed to the choirs. “Let’s sing a little first, then you give the challenge. They will come.”

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