IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Sixty Four

Stephen moved to point to the next choir, then back at Carrie. Carrie could only nod to her crew, then bend over in tears of anguish as Reggie’ words cut her spirit. Yes Lord, me too. I’ve held back my wealth, given to me by my parents and now it hangs like a stone, keeping me from feeling what these people have. Lord, I do, I give it all to you. Thank you Jesus. She jumped as a glowing, tingling feeling of Peace grew through her, then she beamed her second happy smile of freedom. Turning to her camera man she almost tripped on the cords. “Can you feel it? This is so real! I want to tell the whole world!”

Mike, her camera man, startled at her advance, then whispered to her. “You just did. Your mic is on.”

The next choir helped Carrie by starting a rapid series of hymns, each arranged so the last melted into the next, building on the theme of Christ and Salvation.

All eyes turned to the front where a humbled Pastor Herb stood at center stage. “He Lives. Isn’t that a great hymn of faith? I can say it. He Lives within my heart. Can you? Say it after me if you can truly proclaim it, from the heights of heaven to the depths of hell. HE lives within my heart.”

Herb leaned his mic out toward the audience for a shouted. “He lives within my heart.”

Then in quiet voice, Herb looked right into the camera. Many in America couldn’t announce that with us. If you are that one, then think about what Dave and Chris said about how they turned to Christ from darkness.”

Shouts of Praise interrupted from the crowd.

“Or think about our little Sam, who was crushed by her home, saved by an angel and her parents, then Healed by the Spirit of the Living God. Can you say amen to that?”

Thundering amen’s rolled from the crowd, clearly heard on each screen.

“Or are you plagued like Reggie, whether it’s wealth, alcohol, or whatever it is in your life, that is of higher value than your relationship with Jesus? What is it for you? What sin keeps you from the cross? Can you lie it down this day? Can you say with the choir, ‘I surrender all’?

Wherever you are at this moment, call on Jesus. Ask Him to forgive you for your sin and He will answer with Salvation for your soul, and a Peace, oh, I can barely describe it, an overwhelming Peace that only God can give. Can you do it at home or driving down a busy street? I surrender all.”

People flooded down the center isle and around each end, many weeping and helping another, until the choirs needed to step back for more room. Pastors and wives spread out, sent by Cliff from around the district for this moment in time, praying with people as the camera panned across the audience.

Carrie faced the camera for her sign off. Her puffed eyes and sniffle told of her tie with what happened, but she bravely held to her line and signed off. That didn’t stop the people across the land from calling the prearranged numbers, or clicking off email. The crowded front turned to a sea of Salvation as one by one, lives changed from darkness to Light.

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