IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Sixty Six

Chris and Dave stood by the side of Tent City finishing their second piece of pie. Dave shook his head. “Man, this is so good. I wanted some of that peach, but someone wrapped it up with a note, ‘saved for Pastor Herb’.”

Chris slobbered a bit, talking with his mouth full of pie. “Yea, this is so good. Man, I could eat a hundred of these.”

Both crammed in pie as fast as they could then looked back at the table where more pies were being set out. Dave rubbed his belly in contentment. “Ya think they’ll notice if I took a third piece?”

Chris didn’t answer, struck by sudden thought. Two girls walked by with t-shirts displaying a church symbol. “They must be from that choir and it gives me an idea. More than an idea. It’s a brainstorm.”

Dave shook his head. “Yeah, right. A brainstorm. You? You’ve had too much pie out in the sun.”

Chris finished his pie and turned to Dave with an excited twitch. “No way man, this is serious. See how those two stand out in the crowd, with their church emblem showing?”

“Well, I see what’s showin’ just plain an’ it’s mighty nice. An’ I know you’re chick crazy an’ those two aren’t hard on the eyes. You sure it’s the church emblem you’re lookin’ at?”

Chris looked at Dave with his business look. “Come on man, follow my thought here. Imagine if the church team, like Ted and Rita, you know. What if we had, like a dark blue t-shirt, with our church imprint on it. That way, during one of these services, everyone would know who volunteers here.”

Dave finally caught the idea. “If you’re serious ’bout this, then I’m in. I still got a wad of cash from, well, from…”

“I know, me too. Got ’nough cash to see this through, big time. You know, from…, um, our former pursuits.”

Dave laughed. “Smooth one. Ok, we’ll call it, from our former pursuits.” He thought a moment and turned serious. “An’ I know a place to go an’ come up with some samples for the team to consider. Who knows, if it turns out right, maybe others will buy ’em too.”

Chris stood looking at Dave, now equally as serious. “You know, that is exactly what might happen if we wear them during the service.” He punched Dave in the shoulder. “Think ‘bout it. I can see the entire team all wearing the same t-shirts. If this goes over, then you an’ I will be in the t-shirt business big time. How ‘bout you an’ I get away this afternoon and come up with some sample logos. Tomorrow we’ll go shopping and get some samples made and see what the group thinks. Got it?”

“Sure, but, um, what’re we gonna call our new enterprise? Hmmm, I can see it now. D&C T-shirts. Has a nice ring, as in ching – a – ling, baby.”

“Huh? Say what? D&C? How ’bout Chris and Dave, T-shirt wholesalers to the nation.”

Both laughed as they walked away. “Maybe we need to sell one before we get too crazy.”

“You already sound crazy, man. What’s this – wholesalers to the nation baloney?”

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