IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Sixty Seven

Chris and Dave grabbed the two boxes of samples from the back of Dave’s car. Dave opened up the box lid to see which ones he carried. “I think you’re just plain nuts with this one, man. No one’s going to go for this.”

Chris just shook his head and glared at Dave in mock protest. “Hey man, give ‘em a break. They’ll recognize my genius when they see it. An’ besides. Who’re you to talk. Some of your ideas are…, like beyond.”

Both burst into a morning meeting of Pastor Herb, Ralph and Elise, along with Reggie and Ted. Dave noticed the looks as they burst in. “Oops, pardon us, didn’t know a meetin’ was goin’ on ’ere. We’re pretty ’cited ’bout these t-shirt samples.”

Ted waved them over. “Go ahead. I’m a bit curious. How ’bout you guys?”
Elise and Ralph stood up to make room for the boys. Elise laughed when she looked at the top t-shirt in the box. “You boys, ha, ha. Have any serious ones?”

Chris looked over at Dave. “Told you that was beyond.”

Soon the samples were passed around to the amusement of the group. Reggie pitched in the most, his marketing talents aroused. He stopped with the fifth t-shirt. He held it in his hands, knowing at first glance that this was the one. It offered a dark blue background, with a picture similar to the little white church on the bluff on the upper corner of the front along with words in large type. ‘Simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God’. He turned the shirt around to see in larger print. ‘Pray with me for Revival’.

Ted set the shirt down that he held when he saw the shirt that Reggie held. His eyes narrowed as inspiration formed in his mind. “That’s the one guys. That’s exactly what I had in mind. Can you see what I see? Dozens of volunteers wearing that t-shirt at our next service, makin’ a statement of who we are to the world. Do ya get it?”

Reggie thought about another venture. “I think these boys have a great idea. Let’s take it one step further. Elise told me of her parents desire for greater ministries. How about if we get ready now? I’m thinking two dark blue vans, with trailers full of equipment, you get the idea, all with the same logo. In this manner, we’ll be ready to move forward when…”

Elise squealed her delight. “My mom…, oh, how I wish she could be here to see and hear what you just said. It was her fondest dream…, to be able to step way beyond ourselves…, you know, in faith…”

Dave and Chris looked at each other and mouthed the word, ’beyond’, back and forth, then laughed out loud. “You serious? You think our t-shirts would help do that?”

Reggie shook his head. “Some things about this Christianity I can’t explain. How does God do it? Out of this pile of simply ridiculous t-shirts, you’ve created a gem of an idea. And yes, your idea will help, not just around here, but what’s your word, beyond, yes, that’s it, beyond. Ah, you kids.” He sat down then and laughed with everyone.

Dave looked at Chris who beamed back a smile. “I don’t know about the lead time on equipment but we could have t-shirts by this weekend.”

Ted added his support. “I can see how this might really help out in the parking lot. Anyone could tell who was on the team at a glance, but hold on…, let me think here.”

Ted hesitated but could see what could happen. “Here ya go. How ’bout this? Make sure we have the shirts for this weekend but also…, how ’bout a standing order for like, um, maybe five hundred or so, you know, of various sizes, kids too. I’ll bet people in Tent City will want to buy one, and hold on, this will probably sound nuts, but how ’bout an order form with our volunteers holding up the phones and email end of things. I’d bet people all over the country will want to get a few, maybe a bunch, like for church groups?”

He turned a serious look at Reggie. “Your van idea is great but I have Warning on this. How can I say this correctly? You see, hmmm…, I have a feeling, just like the others, I know.” He covered his face, such was his intensity of feeling. “Reggie, I need to get together with you on this, for it’ll be our new quest, reaching out to this nation, but as rescuers from great calamity. Can’t…, just can’t explain it, yet. I see big trucks, our logo, kind of some great disaster, no, no, how can this be?” The shocked look on his face caused the meeting to end in quiet tone.

Herb stepped toward Ted. “Ted? You okay? Ya have that look ’gain.”

Ted waved them off. “No, no, this is different, not for now, but after a time, but we can prepare, oowww, yeah, prepare like never before. Reggie, you and I, an Elise, we gotta have us a meeting, an’ soon. You’ll see. But for now let’s go with this.” He looked under his chair at his trembling feet. Gotta talk to Rita ’bout this one.

Pastor Herb picked up the dark blue shirt and held it up to see. “Somethin’ ‘bout this. I like it too. It’s not just cool, it’s, what’s the word? Beyond. Ted, I think you’re beyond too, with your visions and all. But let’s do our thing here first and take this to God in prayer, along with the next services, and all those hurtin’ people ’round us, seeking God.”

Dave and Chris put an order together after prayer. Chris poked Dave on the way out. “See? I was right on, man. Chris and Dave, t-shirt wholesalers to the nation.”

Dave laughed and nodded. “Yeah, to the nation…, and beyond.”

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