IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Six

Brodine Emerson III read each report in rapid succession. His normal evil glare smoothed over to a satisfied grin. This has to be it. How much more drubbing can the markets take before they surrender to me? My agents are ready… At least they better be. I’ll be the solution, the answer man for food, energy, whatever the markets demand…, at my price and my choosing. Then I’ll be in control, making the world ready for ‘The great one’. Ah yes, ‘the great one’. Am I not his general of this great country? Who can defy me?

The smile evaporated back into a heavy scowl. His thick jaw and neck extended minimally from a profanely heavy body, displaying his nature for gluttony. “What’s this?” He threw the reports across the desk in another fit of rage. “How dare those Christians defy me?”

He swung his weight around to look at his master strategy map positioned on the wall behind his desk. “See here?” He looked up in apparent glee. “See how my financial agents have swallowed this part of the United States? And this? And this? See how many black cities dot my map? Have I not done just as ‘the great one’ commanded? Yet, look at this.”

He gestured toward the thrown papers in anger. “Those gullible Christians still hold their precious days of prayer and fasting. What good are they against my legions?” Brodine stopped then, uttering a dark oath. The knowledge of the answer sprang to his mind. How do they do it? All they have to do is pray their sweet little hearts out and my plans fall to pieces. That’s one report the great one won’t see. It’s so easy to transition into part two of his master plan. Once business and banking communities belong to my screen of companies, the move into local and state government is the logical step to follow.

Karen shoved back from her desk to pick up the fallen reports and moved to update the map. I might be new around here, but I can read this like a book. Just jump when the old man yells or disappear with the others. What a check? Can’t believe I stumbled into such a deal.

Karen picked up her notes and adjusted the blue lines on the map to match her update. I’m not stupid. Anyone can see these blue lines moving inland as more land surrenders to the ocean.

She watched the boss out of the corner of her eye. Gotta watch out for his rage. Anything about Christians or Jews sets him off, or anything that is, that goes against his dark power. Wonder where it’ll all lead? What will the world do?

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