IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Seventy

Ralph waved Elise over to his screen. “See? What’ve I been sayin’ all along? This here country is headed for chaos, big time, ever since that morning with Ted…”

She set two fresh caramel rolls down beside him and turned to bring more coffee. “You sure it’s that bad? You know, Ted…”

Ralph jumped as another view broke onto his screen in sharp detail. “See, this is what I mean. I heard ‘bout southern Georgia from a friend. The low flat marsh of the Savannah River is floodin’ in, filling the low winding valley and side swamps. See what I mean, this is awful, what will those people do? Judging from these satellite pictures, it looked as if northern Florida will soon be an island or peninsula. Looks like the recent rapid rise in ocean levels shoved its weight past the low marshes of southern Florida driving wildlife and millions of people ahead of it, ruining expensive real estate beyond recovery.

He turned from the screen shaking his head. Somehow Ted knew, then Pastor Herb, now this…, it’s awful.” Oh I know the story. All along this coast and every coast like it, the same story. Just like that piece in the news last night showing high tides and a ripping storm. Now with the high water, it’s devastating. Where was that piece? Oh yeah, in Holland, where those great barriers gave way.

He stopped his thinking to focus on the screen. So much history is already devastated or carried away to high ground, ’cept the buildings. That bridge stands as an island against the waves. The poor frantic people, throwing their lives into the back of trucks, away from the mad rush of filthy water. Wonder if a person got close…? Now, what’s this? Another news flash screamed warning. Toxic Water Alert for most of the east coast! Whew, now most of the lower city is a ghost town.

He put his hands back on his waist, now part of his daily habit, thinking about Ted and Rita, out somewhere on the open road. When the water gets this high, then what will God do next? Except for what our church is doing, an’ we’re doing all we can, I don’t see a mass turning of people back to God?

Ralph walked outside, absently bending to pluck off a tall weed, sliding it through his hands making the small flowers pop off into the air. The motion masked his frustration. What’s with the scientific community? Come on people. It’s right here for all to see. I don’t think they have a clue. What about the great ocean currents. The data I’ve seen shows the flood of cold fresh water is changing ocean salinity and slowing the currents. So far they raise an alarm but can’t seem to get a handle on rapidly changing physics. I want to know. God, where is this all leading?

Ralph stopped as he approached his back woods, first bending over and letting out a whoosh, then back up with hands on his hips. Where’s all this going? The east coast fishermen are stunned, not knowing where the new currents lead, or where the fish are now? Until the water stops rising and the currents settle into whatever the new normal will be, they’re out of business too, along with most of the country it seems. Man, I’d hate to have a large payroll right now. What will businesses do?

Ralph threw down the striped weed and stalked away with a snort of disgust. Sure, it’s one thing to draw a line on a map and say the water will fill up to the blue line. On the real side are cities and businesses, people’ homes, and surrounding infrastructure – all real entities to be dealt with.

Ralph stopped with his hand on the back door and looked back toward the woods. Maybe God is setting the world up…, for what?

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