IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Seventy Three

The ideas blossomed out from Mary, who’d have the lead role, out to the dozens who would take part.

Don and Harold, the two shop guys nervously voiced agreement.

Little Sam delighted in the attention, but also in her desire to share again.

Mary shook her head at the excitement. I guess I don’t understand. I mean, sure, it’s a special service with TV an’ all, but come on guys, just calm down and be real.

She visited with each potential presenter, bringing Calm Assurance to each. “Remember guys, keep it simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God. Remember, I’ll be right there with you, and Stephen will be right in front of you. And don’t worry. Remember what happened after the last service and how the people came to Christ? That’s the main thing.”

She got nods and thank yous in return. “Brad. Thanks for being willing to sing your Tent City song for us. I know it’s one thing to sing in Tent City compared to TV, but hey, thanks. When you sing that song it…, I don’t know how to say this. It gives me goose bumps, sure, but it dissolves an angst in me, kind of calms my life down to the right perspective.”

Brad needed to look down and away and stammered. “Well, I’ll do my best, you know, for the Lord, I mean…” Totally embarrassed, he walked away from her.

She glanced after him with her puzzled look. Wonder what that was all about?

She unfolded her list from the pocket of her smock. Let’s see. Nope, that should do it. Only a few days and it’s show time. So far we’ve eliminated the commercial and political agendas trying to sneak in. What gall!

She smiled in her effort not to yell out loud in her frustration as she remembered the young man so intent on getting onto their stage. Then she sighed. This might be more of a problem than Pastor Herb or Diane think.

At the top of her list, circled with red pen. President Taylor – Opening Remarks. I don’t know how they managed that but, hmmm, I need to settle down here, it might be kind of cool to have the President. Wonder how he’ll handle it?

Herb sat alone with Reggie on Thursday. After hurried consultations with a myriad of federal and state officials, as well as local business leaders, Reggie nodded in agreement. “Pastor, I’ve had the most amazing week. I’ve never seen so much red tape just simple fall away. There are powerful interests on our side for a change. Powerful enough to see this through. The President’s personal directive sure helped. What did you say to him anyway?”

Herb chuckled and looked away embarrassed. “Didn’t have to say much really. Mostly answered some very pointed questions and told him over and over that it wasn’t for us a bit, you know, simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God. Have a feeling God’s using that phrase for far more than we know.”

Reggie shook his head in amazement. “In business, why, why, nope, never seen it done this way, you know, in faith, hmmm, lesson for me here. Anyway, what’s it those kids say? Beyond? That’s it, it’s way beyond.”

He shook his head in delight. “Plans are finalized enough so building on the bluff can start. I think your original presumption was spot on. Go ahead and announce it to the world sometime during the service. I’ll caution you though. I know you don’t have a business background, so, hmmm, let me see… Don’t know if either of us should run this part. You see. You’ll need someone who has years of business experience, at least a basic knowledge of the building trades, you know, to be able to sniff out the good from the bad, or even dangerous.”

Herb didn’t know what to think. “You’ve caught me unprepared on this. I don’t know what to think. I see what you mean though. I simple don’t have the time or expertise to manage this. But I know someone who does. Let’s take it to the Lord.”

Bill McPherson pulled another coil of wire out of the box and started to string it down on the floor with the others. “See Jean. This oughta work. I’ll band these together and run it up overhead, see. That way no one will step on the wires again. Here, help me tie this end in place.”

Jean stood on her short ladder and reached for the cords. She spied a worried looking Pastor Herb come through the door with Ralph and Diane. They seemed too preoccupied with a task to notice what Bill and she were doing. She called out. “Careful, we have cords down over there.”

Pastor Herb looked up in surprise.

Ralph boomed out. “Good thing you shouted a warning. I’d have pulled down the whole works. What’s up here?”

Bill took the clip out of his lips and gestured to the wires. “We’re putting in another phone bank, but before that’s installed, I need to try something different with all these wires. Um, well, we had some problems last week with people tripping on the cords.”

Jean nodded from behind Bill. “Yeah, the power kind of got pulled out twice. Caused a bit of a stir, but Bill came up with this idea. He seems to be able to handle just ’bout anything when it comes to building things.”

Jean looked back to see Pastor Herb, Ralph, and Diane stop and stare at her. Jean lifted the next part of the wires over to Bill and looked again to see the three still staring at her. “What? Did I say something wrong?”

Diane clasped her hands together. “Thank you Jesus.”

Pastor Herb brightened with sudden thought. “Say, um, Bill, and you too, Jean. Could both of you come over here for a moment? We’re in prayer about a matter and could use your input.”

Bill nodded behind clenched teeth, holding a wire clip. Jean motioned for him. “Sure then, we’ll be right in.”

Bill finished his section and stepped down off the ladder and whispered to Jean. “Wonder what’s up? You have any idea?”

Jean shrugged and shook her head as she whispered back. “Nope, but we’re sure gonna find out.”

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