IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Seventy Five

Ted bent over, gasping for air. His knees buckled and he collapsed into the rough gravel of the parking lot holding his pounding head. “No, no, not again.”

Rita shouted out to Gordy. “Help! Gordy! It’s happenin’ ’gain!”

Gordy rushed over to where Rita crouched on the gravel holding Ted.

Ted gasped for breath and stammered. “They’re here. The ones…”

Gordy joined Rita on the rough surface, trying to gauge what Ted meant. He’s just like before that night, and when we were on the road. Somethin’s up! Let’s get the crew together.”

Pastor Herb and Diane jumped in alarm as Gordy and Rita hauled a weak Ted into the tiny chapel. Gordy puffed out an explanation. “It’s happenin’ ’gain!”

Herb hurried around his desk to help settle Ted onto the sofa. Looking up at Rita herb shook his head. “Yup, just like before. Spread the word. We’re under attack.”

Word spread from mouth to mouth, igniting a firestorm of prayer in return. Officer Andy wanted faces and facts but Gordy couldn’t give him any. “Don’t know, just like before. We’ll know after it happens.”

Christians stopped at the word and headed for the church or knelt in prayer. Jean and Bill got a team started on the phones and soon select churches gathered on their knees in prayer.

People in Tent City and the multi-purpose building caught the intent and added prayer, knowing now what attack meant. Within half an hour Ralph and Elise joined a growing group in the church.

Simon watched from his work area on the far edge of the parking lot, helping a crew add more bleachers. He made mental notes of who gathered to help. Seems like it’s the same ones each time. He clicked off each one in his mind, matching each to a photo. Don’t know how I was allowed under their mighty shield but here I am and… The inner circle is mine.

He turned back to his work with a grim smile. That was the one. Their leader. Oh the feeling of power, to be able to reach out with my dark power and take him down. The dark power I received from the old man is more than enough. Now I know who they are…, and where they live. Nothing can hold me back…

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