IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Seventy Nine

Carrie woke up Sunday morning still feeling his big bear hug and kiss. When he does that for me, it’s, hmmm, what’s his word, so beyond.

A soft knock on her trailer door jarred Carrie. She peaked out to see Stephen patiently waiting outside. She put her hands to her face. Oh no, this is my morning off…, an’ he’s here for our walk an’ breakfast together.

She looked into her vanity and cringed. I shouldn’t face him like this, but here goes. She pushed the door open enough into the bright morning sunshine so she could see him. That’s not fair. He looks so tall…, an’ those eyes…

Stephen looked at her rumpled hair and squinty look and knew that he was way too early for her. He reacted by looking at his watch. Hmmm, I’m right on time. “How ’bout I swing back in …, what? You tell me.”

She giggled like a little school girl. “Oh bother. An hour or so, no, make that half an hour. Will that be okay?”

He looked back at her cute pout and had to smile. “You bet. We’ll still have time for us before the service. You still want to go, right?”

She nodded and slowly shut her door. Yeah, the service. Simple and true…, straight from my heart…, just like my love for you.

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