IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Eighty One

Brodine Emerson III bristled at the thought. He turned to his staff and thundered his reply. “So they have a weakness. They need the help of the nation. We’ll give ’em help alright. Look people, our companies have excess building materials and qualified people who could work on my agenda while they play nice.

Get your routing started. I want truckloads of lumber, shingles, and whatever else they need on the way, like it was yesterday, get it?”

Julie, you pull as many impact teams as you can from across the country. It might as well be my people in control.’

He rubbed his hands together. “This might be just the opening we’ve been looking for. Finally we gain access to their site through legitimate means.”

Brodine stopped in mid thought. I’ll have to contact the old man. He can run this whole show. Who could be better, an’ he’s close by too. He taught me everything I know about this business and…

He trembled as his thoughts dragged away into darkness. His hands went up in defense. No, no. I meant no offense. The old man’ power is far greater than mine, just right for this… He seems to be able to get through their defenses.

His mind returned to the office to see his staff busily following his orders. “I’m missing something. What is it?”

He pivoted around to glare at his strategy map. “This place is so rural, I don’t have any agents even close, unless, hmmm…”

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