IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Eighty Five

Ted and Rita stopped as they joined a group in prayer outside of Tent City. Ted pointed to the tents and first aid station. “Can’t get away from the feeling that God up to something big here, more than just the people and Healing. I’ll expect something. We’ll see.”

Rita listened to the prayers. “Me too. Late last night, in my alone time, Calm Assurance came to me too, as if we’re on the edge of some great thing.”

Andrea stood at the front of the group, visibly excited. “I see what you mean, so many injured and in need of His Spirit.”

She looked down at her little Sam, standing so brave and unafraid. She bent down to Sams level and looked in her eyes. “You ready for this?”

Sam tossed her braids around as she nodded yes. “Mommy, it’ll be just like that service, an’ Jesus will heal – I just know He will.”

She stomped her foot on the ground and loudly proclaimed as she shook her arms toward the camp. “An’ old man, you can’t stop it this time.”

The adults looked at each other in wonder.

Ted knew what she meant and added. “Yea Lord, by the Power of your Blood and in the Name of Jesus, let these be Healed.”

Seven miles away on that same wide spot on a gravel road, the old man suddenly collapsed by the side of his old pickup, bent over, wheezing for air. “…can’t take it anymore. Can’t fight the Power or the Blood…, can’t fight the child’ Faith…”

Sam reached up and grabbed Ted’ hand. Looking up into his soft dark eyes she nodded. “You ready? See? The angel is here ’gain.”

Reuben and Andrea looked around but didn’t see anything.

Ted and Rita looked with Sam in awe as a spreading shield of Light covered Tent City. The glistening bright angel turned and pointed at the three. “Healing is given today so that the people might know that it isn’t the hand of man, but the Hand of God. Go, for your Faith is known, like that of a child, simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God.”

Ted and Rita willingly stepped ahead with little Sam toward two old men, at camp from the start, both with withered bodies. “Can we pray for you two?”

The first unshaven man looked sharply at him, then down at little Sam and took off his beaten hat. “Well, ol’ Isa ain’t going nowhere with that leg of his and I’m not much better off. You see what my arm and knee are. We done been prayed for but one more ain’t no harm.”

His Healing Presence filled the air around them.

Following sudden impulse, Ted reached forward and put his hand on Isa in faith, feeling Love flow to the old man. Isa gave a lurch on the ground as if he’d been kicked. “Well, I’ll be. Look Ben. Look at my leg!” His leg moved straight on its own, becoming firm and strong, spreading through Isa to Ben. “Praise the Lord. I can feel my leg again, like it’s warm and alive!” Throwing his filthy crutches away, he gave a loud whoop and jumped to his feet for the first time in years. Unsteady at first, with tears in his eyes, he spun past Ben, big smile covering his face.

Ben shouted and waved his arm and kicked his leg out. “Me too. An’ younger too, feel, oh too good. Haven’t felt this good in years. Praise God.”

Both danced around and whooped causing those in Tent City to pay attention. Those on cots stirred at the words. Heads poked out of tents. Hands stirring pots in the field kitchen stopped to hear.

Little Sam reached past a surprised Ted and Rita. “Yes, Jesus Healed you and now for the people in Tent city.” She giggled as she turned and looked into the sky with her arms raised.

In response, the angel glowed whiter than what the three could bear to see, instead crying out in response of His Love flowing around them.

Cries of delight and praise sounded as people tumbled from their cots, suddenly radiant as pain turned to gladness, and beams of joy erased sadness.

Others pointed up and shouted. “It’s the Healing angel.”

“Look, I’m healed, my arm, it’s like new.”

“My ribs don’t hurt anymore. Praise Jesus.”

“Wow, did you feel that? Look, our little boy can sit up. It’s a miracle.”

Ben waved his arm in circles, then eased it down and looked back at Ted and Rita. “You’uns gonna have ‘nother testimony service, I’ll be the first. You can count on ol’ Ben, and Isa too.”

Rita blushed with tears as she turned to Ted. “Last night…, I knew it might be some Healing, but to see this…, how God reached down here today…, it’s too much.” She crushed her face into his shoulder, unable to find her words.

Ted felt a pull on his hand. Looking down he spied little Sam beaming up at him. “We’re not done yet…, are we.”

Ted motioned for Rita to see. Ted and Rita bent down to her level. Sam looked directly into her eyes. “You’re pretty. Don’t cry, ‘cause we’re not done.” She pulled on Ted’ arm.

Rita blushed a brilliant red and stood back up confused. Ted grabbed her hand and put his face next to hers. “She’s right you know. You’re more than pretty to me. He touched first his chest, then hers. “You have His Spirit in here, like me. You ready for more adventure?”

Sam tugged on his arm, more insistent.

Rita flashed him her special smile. “I’ll go anywhere with you.”

Ted and little Sam led the group through Tent City, full of waving, shouting people, past the steaming pots of stew in the field kitchen, past the field of refugees, leaping and praises Him.

Ted stopped at the line of soldiers and lifted Sam into his arms facing northeast.

Little Sam giggled and pointed to where Ted could see stretching from horizon to horizon, row after row of gleaming angel warriors, not dressed for Peace, but for battle. Sam giggled more. See? Just like I saw in my dream last night.” Ted nodded. “Me too. You ready?”

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