IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Eighty Eight

Ted joined the guys in the grand estate house. “Sorry guys, not good company ‘gain. Don’t know, somethin’ wrong here, but I don’t know what other than it’s gonna happen soon.”

Rita walked away to gaze out the window toward Tent City, feeling goose bumps crawl up her spin as she remembered. But what’s with this? Thought Ted would be jubilant after seein’ those angels. Never forget that…, ever. Now he acts like he’s afraid for me…, for us. Oh God, protect us. Reveal your plan, simple and true, straight from the heart, for the Glory of God.

Carrie caught the somberness of the group. “How ’bout we make some pizza?”

Picking up her idea, Stephen reached under the center island for a pizza pan but jumped back in surprise. “What’s this?”

He looked closer then jumped back. “Oh no. Bomb! Backpack Bomb! Get out! Get out now!” He grabbed Carrie and hurled her toward the patio doors. “Move! Move!”

Carrie screamed as they rushed for the doors.

Ted and Rita stepped off the deck when the center island blew up with a shaking roar.

Glass and pieces of kitchen blasted out in all directions.

Instinct took over. Ted and Rita dove for the lawn. Gordy dove over to the side. They hit the ground hard and were held firmly by an invisible hand. Shards of patio glass and flaming pieces of kitchen blew over them.

The others ran the other way. Out through the front door at a run, they heard and felt the blast pucker the air. As a group they did the lawn dive and felt held tight against the ground by an invisible hand. A rush of hot fumes and debris covered them. Jumping up they checked each other to find only minor cuts and bruised egos.

Ron and Tim looked at each other. “Ted and Rita!” They raced around the now blazing house to see Rita and Ted stagger to their feet.

Behind them Stephen helped Carrie to her knees, checking her for injury.

Gordy pointed toward the house. “Come on. It’s reachin’ fer us.”

Quickly now, they helped each other away from the blazing structure.

The blast blew out glass in the two other estate homes, causing shrieks of alarm and a dozen bawling babies. People in Tent City looked up in time to see a ball of flame explode out from the house. The guard duty and command structure went on immediate full alert. Guards fanned out to extreme positions, rushing toward Pastor Herbs home. Others covered the church and multi-purpose building.

The sound of Carrie’ scream echoed through the night.

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