IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Ninety Three

Tim and Ron separated from the group and moved toward Tent City to help settle things down. They nodded in grim silence as they noticed Pastor Herb carried away to the gym. Looking past the parking lot, people ran in fright around Tent City with nowhere to go. They tensed to hear children screaming in fear, coarse shouts of men yelling orders around the perimeter.

Tim shook his head. “Did you feel what I did? A protecting force, pressing me down into the lawn, shielding us from the worst of the blast?”

Ron stopped and smiled for the first time since the blast. “You too? I felt the same thing, along with Calm Assurance. Can’t explain it really. He gestured back toward the church. Wonder ’bout the others.”

Gordy pointed to the multi-purpose building. “We should go there instead. Check out Diane and pastor.” Ted and Rita nodded and pivoted around. Ted asked in general. “Did anyone else feel His protecting hand?”

Rita felt tears coming again. “Me too, I did, an’ Calm Assurance. Can’t explain that. Still took my breath away. Ted. Don’t ever want to go through that ’gain.”

Gordy opened the doors wide for those to follow. Inside the gym, panicked faces turned toward the new arrivals, expecting the worst.

Gordy noticed the two guards hauling away a dark figure. He spoke up as Ted walked in with Rita. “I’ll be back. Somethin’ I gotta check out.”

He ran over to where the guards moved down the slope toward the command trailer. “Just a minute guys. Can I take a look?”

A very alert Simon startled at his voice and tried to turn away.

The guards twisted him back and around for Gordy. “Just what I thought. Danger from an old friend. Ted was spot on ’gain.”

The officer recognized Gordy. “You know this fella’?”

Gordy nodded and shuddered as the entire plan suddenly clicked into place. “Sure do. This is Simon Guilliard and he ain’t no friend no more. We rode together for a time – long time ago.” He stopped as mean scroll opened up in his mind. “The one you really want is Brodine Emerson III. Now it all makes sense – in a bad way. If Brodine is behind this, then a certain old man is too, an’ we’re all standin’ way deep in it for sure.”

He turned to look away into the night sky, then back at the officer. “Look, you get this night all sorted out, an’ then look me up for a long talk, see? Don’t know why I didn’t associate things before, hmmm.”

Simon heaved against his restraints as Gordy mentioned the names and his offer to explain.

Behind Gordy two angels nodded. Our message got through at the right time and right place. Blessing to you Gordy for the beginning of his end starts with you. Receive Understanding and Discernment for the path in front of you. Do not waver or be afraid for we will be with you all the way.

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