IS GOD R 2 U ?

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Chapter Ninety Five

Diane looked up from Herb’ face as Ralph and Elise were ushered over. “You made it and safe from the looks of you.”

Elise glowed with her news. “Yeah, safe in the Lords arms. Did any of you feel a Presence right after the explosions like we did?”

Diane’ eyes narrowed at the thought. “Yes. I did. So did Herb and I know Gordy mentioned the same thing, like a hand pressing us into the lawn and kept us from serious harm. She snuffled a bit. “Don’t know ’bout our home. So sad. All the memories…”

Rita overheard the conversation and bobbed her head up and down. “Yeah man, like beyond anything so far. Ted an’ I, we felt the same thing, right out on the lawn, pressin’ us down. Tim and Ron mentioned it too.”

Herb started to murmur and toss back and forth, his eyes fluttering. “Simple and true…, but what about over there, an’ those, yes…, an’ straight, no, oh no…, from the heart? Should we pull back?” He shook his head. “The darkness…, almost on me, but for the Hand of God.”

Rita pulled away with Diane and Elise, walking together to a quieter corner.

She glanced back to see Ted and Ralph bend over Herb, listening intently to what he murmured.

Diane felt her tears coming. “Don’t know about Herb. Never had anything like this happen. So afraid…”

Elise sat beside her as tears fell down her cheeks. “All our pictures, the kids clothes. What’re we gonna do.” She twisted her hands, trying to hold back a river.

Rita thought about her close call, the feeling of hot materials blowing over her. An’ her love for Ted, nearly lost… Tears of release gathered as a low wall cloud before a summer storm. She held back a sniffle, then another, feeling the weight of her own misery seat her beside the two older women.

Bent over she didn’t see His Caring Love settle around them, feeling the cutting misery flow from them.

Diane tried mightily but her dam burst as her shoulders racked with sob after sob.

Elise followed with a lonesome wail which pricked Rita to her bone, making her feel the weight of it all as she bent over in spasm of regret, tears flowing for Ted and her.

Ralph bent lower over Herb trying to fathom his whisper. Ted’ spirit picked up a sign as he closed his eyes. Yeah Lord, for we are thine, to move and mold for what is to come…

Herb struggled to roll and sit up, then gasped and fell back as rage covered his face. “Yes, over there. From the heart, for, no not that way, over here…, from the heart, for the…, Glory. Yes.” His fist darted up in victory, nearly catching Ralph on the chin, who ducked at the sudden pulse.

“Yes. That’s it…, for the Glory of God!”

He grimaced as he moved his foot and knee. “So do we move ahead…, or pull back, away…mumble, mumble…, no, never forsake us, in the presence of such darkness. Thank you Jesus, no, never pull back from darkness…”

Ralph and Ted looked at each other and shook their heads. “This doesn’t sound like Herb. Wonder…”
Ralph felt the pull of His Spirit, so much so that he began to twitch and shake just like Ted. Healing appeared over the three radiating Peace and Healing. The angel looked at Ralph and pointed to Herb. Ralph whispered the words as he heard them. “You are the anointed ones. Be of good cheer for this day proclaims victory over darkness. Stand firm in the Lord. That which you have seen and done, continue in them, for the Glory of God. Behold!”

They looked up into a growing Presence of Light to see row after row of warrior angels pointing to the heavens singing. “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain.”

In an instant, they disappeared leaving Ralph and Ted wondering when Herb opened his eyes and sat up in praise. “Did you see him?”

Diane and Elise suddenly sat up as Peace overflowed the ache in their hearts, flooding spirit with Calm Assurance. Rita looked up in time to see Ralph and Ted help Herb to his feet. She gestured for Diane and Elise to turn and look, not able to find her voice.

Herb’ face glowed as he nodded and hopped around in glee. “Did ya see him? Did ya, huh? We have a new song, one of Hope and Help for what is to come…, yes, for what is to come…”

Diane felt her heart leap. She followed suit and ran to him, throwing her arms around him with tears not of broken sadness, but of incredible joy.

Elise followed a step behind, racing to Ralph’ side. “Isn’t it wonderful? “Nother healing. Me! Right here, right now. Praise the Lord.”

Ted stood still, eyes unmoved from where the angels disappeared in chorus. “Worthy is the Lamb that was slain…”

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