Nobel Royalty

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What if your nightmares were reality? Rain is just like everyone else. She's a senior in high school whose only goal is to graduate and provide for her poverty-stricken family. At least that's what she likes to think. Ever since her mother passed away, Rain has been waking up in an alternate reality, one that inhabits a monstrous dictator. But when one of her best friends suddenly disappears without a trace, Rain is left with a clue that leads her back to her mother's death and the world which she so desperately wanted to escape.

Thriller / Romance
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The Introduction

I kept my gaze to the ground as I made my way through my school's cafeteria. The room was packed with people of all ages. There was a range of voices that went from high pitched laughter to sneezing. I could just barely pick up on conversations about the latest basketball game, and the HUGE party afterward.

All of this noise and commotion can drive someone crazy. I'm surprised that I haven't lost my sanity yet.

I looked around, surveying my options. I needed to find the best spot to eat my lunch that didn't require me being out in the open. There was the group of druggies toward the back of the cafeteria. They were all laughing as a few of them twirled an object between their fingers.

The popular chicks were in the middle of the room; all crowding around the table with their salads and protein shakes. Their loud shrieks could be heard from the door to the cafeteria.

Then there was the table that I usually sat at. But being there won't help me out. All of the seats surrounding the table were taken by unrecognizable people.

I felt the familiar pain of butterflies grow in my stomach. There was no way to God that I would be able to sit next to strangers. It would just cause awkwardness. Besides I'm not ready to be confronted by them when I approach their table.

I looked a little closer and spotted a table to the right of the room. There was barely any people seated around the table. Plus it could hide me from the growing judgemental stares that everyone seems to exchange in this school.

Everyone here was taught from the first day of freshman year that if you want to survive this school, you need to fend for yourself. My homeroom freshmen mentor told me that. I didn't believe them during that time. But now as a senior and had two months before graduation, that freshmen mentor had a point.

I let my feet take the lead as I made my way to the table, my gaze on the ground. If I don't look at them, then I won't know if they're staring at me or not. Plus it helps me blend into the surroundings.

But I couldn't from them.

I lifted my eyes from the ground to check my surroundings. They scanned the area with quick precision before they stopped on a sickly pair of brown eyes. My body froze on impulse. I didn't make it halfway without him noticing me.


My gaze stayed on him as his bulky cranberry lips formed a smirk. They stood out compared to his unkempt, frizzy straw like hair that occasionally stuck itself onto his bent glasses. He went by the name Andrew. He has this husky appearance that made people not look twice before turning away.

I don't blame them.

I mean I would run away too if a big husky man with a constant glare came up to you.

The boy moved his bulky head down to look at the girl next to him. I felt my stomach drop. I would have recognized her anywhere. Her bright red hair stuck out like a sour thumb. Freckles covered her face like a pattern. She was none other than Anna Williams, the first friend I ever had.

Anna and I go a long way back, all the way back to elementary school. We would always hang out and tell each other the latest gossip on the latest relationships. Occasionally we would put our two sense into the matter. Those were the good days.

But now Anna's the kind of person that everyone depicts to be the girl next door. But I've learned a long time ago that that was just a persona she inflicted when she was in public.

I used to refer to her as Regina, a reference to a character from the movie Mean Girls. She acts nice to someone's face, but then turns around and talks shit behind their back. I used to stand with her and acted like her.

But now I never will.

Andrew gazed down and smiled at her while taking her hand with his. Their hands intertwined together like a premature rose. They seemed happy. In love. Something like that is rare in this world. It would be awful if someone disturbed their lovebird atmosphere.

"Boo!" A pair of voices screamed into my ears. I screeched and twisted around. Two people stood there with smiles etched on their faces. A man that had the height of a giant, and a head full of swirly dishwater curls. His watery eyes shimmered in laughter at my reaction. Besides him was a girl that looked like a midget when standing beside him. Her straight brown hair complimented her plump figure. Honey brown eyes showed the same laughter as the man.

"What the hell guys?! Don't scare me like that!" I screamed with a smile on my face. These two always do this; trying to see who could scare the living daylights out of me more.

"Told ya she was this easy to scare." The boy said, gestering to the girl.

"Well, I didn't think she would react like that. We should have recorded it." She smiled humorously.

"Well, why didn't ya Michelle?" Michelle put her hands on her hips and tilted her head upward.

"I don't know. Why didn't you Carter? It was your idea." Carter shrugged his shoulders and turned his attention to me.

"Because you're the-"

"OKAY! Guys don't EVER do that again." I cut them off. The last thing I needed to hear was those two arguing over who's idea was it to scare me. But honestly, I am glad that they are here. They just saved me from trying to confront my biggest demon.

The two of them exchanged looks and smiled to themselves. There was having been some joke that I'm supposed to get.

"What? What is it?" Suddenly the two of them started busting up laughing I don't mean just a laugh from a funny joke. I mean like full blown laughter; like I didn't zip up my pants or something. Michelle put a hand on her chest and doubled over in a fit of laughter. Carter managed to keep it together long enough to gesture behind me. Slowly I turned around to the direction of Andrew and Anna.

I never got to see them.

I felt something hot and sticky against my cheek as I slowly began to surface into consciousness. The mysterious moisture was hot and smelled like copper. It seemed to be in the places where I felt like I got hit by a bus. What happened?

I forced my eyes open with all of the strength I had. They were like weights; too heavy to lift. Blurriness clouded my vision for a moment. Everything had a fuzzy tint to it, like watching a static television screen. Some colors faded through. Red. Blue. Black. Gray.
I blinked several times, trying to get the fuzziness out of my vision. Nothing. I tried again, letting my eyes stay shut for a moment before opening them again. No luck.
No matter how hard I blinked, nothing would change. But everything around me looked like it had been from an old movie. It could almost be from a memory itself. So where I'm at could be a dream or...
I'm becoming blind.
The thought itself was like a pile of rocks falling in my stomach. I can't afford to be blind, especially in a foreign place. I felt my stomach constricting in panic. My mind began to race at all of the evidence of me being blind. It was nausiating. My hands went to my eyes, touching the lids. I need to know if I still have them.
I couldn't feel my eyes.
I was on the verge of a panic attack when I heard something. A voice.
"Rain..." My breath caught. That voice, a deep set of vocal cords that I could almost place. I nicked my brain like a needle. Where did I hear that voice before?
From my fuzzy gaze, I spotted something black approaching me. It was round with some bent edges as it quickly rolled it's way over to me. It looked threatening with it's dark black and blue shades.
I felt myself go numb.
"Rain? What are you doing here?" I stared blankly, trying to focus my vision on this creature. My pupils focused for a moment, revealing the blob-like creature shrinking, before retracting again. "What happened to you? You're bleeding." Huh...that explains the wet substance. I felt a sense of touch on my forehead, a splintering pain following close behind. I winched and pulled away, covering the pain with my hand.
"No!" I hissed. I don't need this 'thing' to touch me, even if he sounds like a human. It could be diseased. Or worse, it could want to eat me.
I need to get away.
The blob didn't back away from my threat but instead inched closer. I tried to scoot back, using my hands as extra leverage. But I didn't get very hard before something hard hit my back. I stretched my hand out in front of me to ward it away. I knew it wasn't going to stop, but there wasn't anything else I could do.
"Get away from me!" My voice grew raspy. I could feel my hand trembling. The thing stopped just a few inches away from the palm of my hand.
"Hey relax. I'm not going to hurt you. It's me." The voice coming out of this blob was calm, soothing.
"I don't know you." I retorted.
"Sure you don't. It's Zach." Zach? Like Zach from my dreams? He looks like a scientist turned him into jello.
I'm defiantly in a dream.
"Prove it. Prove to me that you are who you say you are." My voice lost all of its edges. Knowing this is a dream calmed my nerves. I heard it let out a sigh before I felt something touch my shoulder blades. I could feel its gaze on me.
There wasn't enough time to react before I felt my body lurch forward. My body fell forward and I collided with a hard object. I felt an instant warmth surround my body. My body froze, pain surrounding my body each time I moved a muscle. But as soon as the pain passed I tried to squirm my way out of his grasp. I pushed. I shoved. I punched. And even attempted to scream. But I couldn't seem to get away from his hold on me.
"If I wasn't me, you would be dead right now." His words seemed to stuck a cord with me. Just as he spoke I felt the pain in my head again before a wave of warmth surrounded me once again. It filled my body similar to bread rising in an oven. The feeling was like the sun hitting bare skin on a cool summer day. It was comforting.
It wasn't long before I felt myself begin to fade in and out of consciousness as I felt something lightly stroke my hair.
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