The Rise of Nyx

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Nyx used to be a sweet innocent girl. Then one day something happened. That sweet, innocent girl that she once was turns into one of the most feared gods ever. What happened to turn her into a killer?

Thriller / Romance
Molly Stegall
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Chapter 1

Nyx slowly raised her head from her gaze that rested on the floor. Her head was slightly shaking as a strand of hair fell in front of her face. She slowly raised her hand in front of her face and saw her pale skin shaking, whether it was in fear or anger she couldn’t tell.

Her gaze traveled around her room. Her room was completely destroyed. Her books, that once rested on the bookshelves in chronological order from A to Z, were now scattered around the room. The floors, that once could be seen as the marble glistened in the light, were now covered in papers, books, wood, weapons, and blood.

She looked down at her hand one more time and saw that the cut that she had made on her palm had healed. However, blood coated the palm of her hand and traveled down her wrist until it weaved into the fabric of her sleeve. She placed her shaky hand on the wooden frame of her bed and slowly rose to her shaking feet.

Her legs shook slightly and she felt as though her clothes were restricting her, choking the life out of her as every second went by. But, she knew that it was just her mind playing tricks on her. It was just her mind remembering everything that had happened to her, that led her to this drastic and hectic state.


Darkness, that’s all she could see, just an empty void that had encased her entire body. She felt something touch her, the nerves in her body went haywire and she felt as the touch expanded throughout her entire body. She saw light come through her eyelids. The light cast off a slight warmth against her face before the heat shot throughout her entire body. Her finger twitched in pain as pins and needles shot throughout her body, waking her up.

Her eyes shot open and she sat up. The light, color, noises, and anything that was touching her was all too much for her. She closed her eyes and fell backward again. Her back hit the ground. A stick slightly poked her and she scooted away. Her feet dug into the ground as well as her hands.

She felt something slightly warm wrap itself around her waist and sit her up. She felt as her head pressed against something that felt like what was wrapping around her waist. She braced her shaking and tender hands against what her head was resting on and tried to push away from it. The force around her slightly loosened and she managed to get a few inches away from the thing that her head had been resting on.

“Hey,” she heard a calm voice say. She winced as the voice echoed in her ears. The voice, though calm, seemed to be shouting in her head. A ringing noise started after the echoes stopped. “Hey,” the voice said again. The voice cut off the ringing noise.

She slowly opened her eyes. She blinked several times as the light pierced her eyes. She squinted her eyes and held her hands in front of her face.

When her eyes finally adjusted to the harsh light she removed her hands from her being in front of her face. She saw a person sitting in front of her, his face only inches from hers. She realized that the thing her head had been shoved against was his chest. The thing that had snaked around her waist was his arm.

She slowly moved her head down and examined what the ground she was laying on looked like, dark brown dirt, light and dark grey rocks, and light brown sticks. Her eyes traveled upwards and she examined what he was wearing.

He had on black leather pants that almost seemed to reflect the sun. A gold line ran down the side of his pants and disappeared underneath his boots. His boots were leather with gold buckles running up the center of them. The boots went up to his lower shins. He had on an undershirt that was made out of leather, but it looked like armor was in between the leather. It was longed sleeved. Gold outlined the bottom of the shirt. The shirt had many layers to it, strips of leather overlapping other strips of leather on the front and side of it.

Running over his right shoulder and across his chest was a strap that attached itself to the bottom of the shirt. On the underside of the strap were multiple holsters for daggers and throwing knives.

A sheet of metal was resting on his back, laying on the strap and going down to his shoulder blade. The sheet bent over his shoulder and went down to his chest. It looked like old brass. The brass had scratches covering it, the scratches were lighter than the dark brass. The color of the scratches was almost a copper color. There was a small hook that rested on the top of the brass. Connected to the hook was a black cloak. The cloak rested on the one shoulder and fell naturally around his back, going over the side of his other arm, going up his chest, and finally connecting on top of his shoulder again. The cloak was the length of his mid-thigh and gold outlined it as well. Brass laid over his forearms and his upper and outer arms.

Her eyes traveled up to his face. His jaw and cheekbones were very defined. His eyes were a very dark grey, almost black. His eyes didn’t seem to have any sparkle to them, if he was standing completely still you would think he was dead. Though an armor plate was covering his chest his chest muscles still were slightly visible. The leather around his arms looked taut against the pressure that his muscles were putting on it. His hair was a pitch black and styled in a messy quiff.

He sighed out relief as he saw that she was awake and alert.

“I’m glad you’re awake,” he said. His voice was somewhat raspy and yet still calm.

“What... wh-where am I?” She asked. Her voice was quiet and somewhat timid.

She looked around and saw that she was laying on the edge of an open field. The field was a slight golden color from the wheat but quickly changed into a dark green as it entered the forest. The sun was directly above them, casting rays of light every way it could. The sky above them was a deep ocean blue.

A small smile lit up his face.

“You are on Apollyon.” Nyx looked at her surroundings. Everything was pure and untouched, the colors were vibrant and it almost seemed like it was a dream.

“How... did I-I get here?” She asked, finding it slightly hard to speak.

“You’ve actually been passed out for a few days now, but if you’re referring to where you came from then Chaos made you and sent you down here.”


“He’s our father, he made all of this for us,” he said as he motioned his arm, gesturing to everything.

“Us? H-how many of... you are there?”

“Three, including you.”

“How l-long have you two been here for?” He looked off into space for a split second before he looked back down at her.

“About a century.”

“Who are... you?”

“My name is Erebus, I’m your brother.”


“I think that’s enough questions for today. You’ll start to overthink things the more you learn,” he said in a kind voice. She only nodded her head. Her throat was already hurting her from all the talking she had done. She was brought out of her thoughts as Erebus picked her off the ground and stood her up. “Can you walk?” He asked.

She felt as her legs slightly trembled. She looked down to look at them, but only saw a dress. Her dress was a foggy grey color. It hugged the top of her body, making her waist look tiny. It natural loosened and fell down at her waist. The dress went down to her feet, the back trailing on the ground. A very thin and light material rested over the foggy grey of the dress, making the dress looked layered. The dress had a v-neck cut. The cut went up to the edge of her shoulders, where a thick strap rested. Another strap was on the side of her arm, but was separate from the strap on her shoulder. A necklace hung from her neck. She reached up a hand and grabbed it. It was just a simple silver outline of a circle and on either side of that circle were a crescent shape.

Her hair was a natural black color that went down past her shoulders and stopped at her shoulder blades. Her eyes were a light grey that seemed to have a natural sparkle in them. Her face was somewhat round, but not chubby. Her cheek and jaw bones weren’t as defined as Erebus’. Her collarbone was slightly showing, drawing more attention to the necklace.

She let the necklace drop back to its original spot as she took a shaky step forward. She fell forward, her frail legs not being able to support the new weight that it was tasked with carrying.

Erebus quickly caught her, weaving one of his arms around her waist and the other around her legs. He lifted her off the ground and felt as her quaking body rested on his. He readjusted one of his arms so he could carry her with one arm. The other unclipped the cloak from the brass hook and he laid the soft and heavy fabric over her body. She grabbed the cloak and brought it up to her chin.

She felt as his other hand went back to holding her legs. He started to walk. She looked up into the sky and saw the sun, the light almost blinding her. She closed her eyes and not long after she passed out to the steady rhythm of Erebus’ long strides against the fresh ground.

Thank you as always for reading. Hoped you liked it.

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