Razor Wire Karma

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Chapter 8

I remember reading in the paper about her. It was the only story I ever followed.

“Transgender Man Wins Discrimination Case Against Private Prison Operator.”

That was the headline and it was enough to make my brain rattle. Booker told me to keep my eye on it because the whole country club was betting on it. He kept complaining that everyone was putting their money on Nick to lose the case, using jargon like this:

“I’m telling Big X to drop this book. You can’t set no line for something ain’t got no score. It’s throwing off the damn odds,” he said. “Smart move would be to put a little on her winning it. Then you get a big payoff in the unlikely event she wins.”

I didn’t understand a word of it.

The story went like this: Nick was born as a girl named Nicolette. In one of the articles, she said her brain, heart and soul were of a man, but her body a woman. So she got some surgery, did some legal crap and was hired here at the country club. No one noticed. Her past only came up when some bible humpers found out and filed a lawsuit. They said the country club was paid with taxes, and policy was that only men could be hired as apes and Nick wasn’t a real man.

The whole thing was confusing as hell. Did they pair up Nick with a man who wanted to be a woman, cut off his dick and scrape out Nick’s snatch, then switch them? Or did they cut the dick off a dead body? For the court case, did they make her drop his pants?

It cracked me up in a way, all this fuss about one person’s crotch. Watching normal people try to sort it all out was enjoyable. Like watching Chief or Booker try to deal with my head games.

Nick looked more like a man than the other apes. She had smaller tits than a lot of the fat pigs that were born as dudes. She was a lard ass like them, but still looked in better shape than most.

Eventually the state and the company that ran the country club lost their case and the guests were all smiles around here, even Booker. Even though he hated the bet. Everyone was laughing their ass off at the Warden. Not because we had any love for an ape, we just had a love for the country club getting beat, no matter how little it affected us.

She was always cool with us guests. I never heard her put anyone down. I bet she was on good behavior because after her court case they were watching her closely, either looking for any mistake so they could fire her, or out of fear she’d sue them again. Or maybe she knew that by being a model employee she was annoying the crap out of the warden, too.

No matter what was going on in her mind, on the surface, she was pissing the right people off.

That’s why I liked her.


He had a sense of humor, too maybe because of everything that happened to her. And she was the closest thing to a woman that came around. I guess some horny guys liked her for that.

Him. I still mixed it up.

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