The Katrina Contract

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Chapter 4

“I’m Ashley,” the young lady said, shaking North’s hand.

“Nice to meet you,” he said. “I’m Rod North. Call me North.”

“Of course, Mister North.”

“I’m guessing they haven’t told you anything other than to come get me?”

“That’s right.”

“So you have no idea what I’m going to be doing? Not a clue?”

“I don’t really even know what this is for.”

“Who’s your boss?”

“Mister Addison.”

“Addison? Never heard of him.”

“Everyone on my floor is relatively new.”

“Seems to work that way up there. Lots of turnover.”

“If he tells me to send an email, I do it. If he tells me to go pick people up, I do it. I don’t need to know the details. I just do my job. No questions asked.”

“A good survival strategy.”

“When I get to his level, that’s how I want my people to be. Just do what you’re told. If they need to know, I’ll tell them.”

“Or not. Because you’re the boss.”

Ashley chuckled uneasily. “I know, right?”

She looked around the elevator, avoiding his eyes. The ride continued in silence until the doors opened with a ping.

North followed her down the maroon-carpeted hall and into a small room with drab tan walls. Two office chairs faced each other across a table. There were no windows and no other furniture.

“Mister Addison wanted you to wait in here,” Ashley said.

“I know the drill. I’ve done this plenty of times. Ever notice this looks like an interrogation room?”

“Uh... I think it’s just supposed to be like private, that’s all. You can, um, have a seat. Mister Addison will be with you shortly.”

Rod sat down.

Ashley left and closed the door behind her. A key rattled in the doorknob from the other side. After the sound stopped, North tested the door handle and laughed.

She had locked him in.

“Like that would stop me,” he mumbled.

He checked his cell phone. No signal. A camera peeked at him from the corner of the ceiling. He waved to it.

“Real private,” he grumbled.

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