Aether - The Experiment

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The scream was silent, traveling through the night air in search of someone, anyone.

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Kate McKeown
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Chapter 1

The scream was silent, traveling through the night air in search of someone, anyone.

She closed her eyes knowing no one could help her, letting the silent scream go quiet.

In Del Muerto, Arizona, Julie Theroux sat up straight in her bed, the scream echoing through her mind. Steven Littlefoot opening his eyes, watched her.

“What?” He whispered, reaching out, running his fingers down her bare leg.

Julie looked at her mate. His eyes drowsy, his smile soft, looking so vulnerable she felt the warmth of love run through her body, the change tapping on the side of her mind.Tamping the wolf within, Julie went back to what woke her,the scream.

“I don’t know. I felt a presence. I felt fear. I heard a scream in my mind. She is so helpless, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard her. I’ve tried reaching for her but I can’t find her. She totally disappears,” Julie said, shuddering.

“She?” Steven sat up, running his hands up and down Julie’s arms, warming her.

“As the Alpha, I feel our tribe, even the Lost Ones, I am connected to them, this one is different, it is a strong connection. I felt her when I first examined our tribe’s clay jars. Someone out there is in trouble, she is in pain, she is helpless. The strange thing is I don’t feel her all the time. I just felt her scream a second ago, now she’s gone.” Julie said, crying, “I can’t do anything to help her.”

Since her first change to wolf, Julie Theroux, took her place as the Alpha female of the Aether tribe of Del Muerto, taking Steven as her mate. The Aether, or Fifth Element combined the different forces of Nature into humans assimilated with society but Shape Shifters when needed, turning to wolf and running with the tribe in the moonlight. Each tribe Alpha connected to the members of her tribe leading them in peace while creating their connection with humans. Julie connected with her tribe already in Del Muerto, working on finding her The Lost Ones and bringing them back to Del Muerto. The Lost Ones were tribe member seeds scattered around the Earth rather than born to members of the tribe, they grow up like tribe members as human until 18-21 years when the first change to wolf tells them of their destiny. Members of the tribe usher the change for children in midnight ceremonies, the Lost Ones usually finding out through some stress of life. The Creator, being generous gave each Lost One the ability to feel their tribe and if they followed their instinct in peace and harmony finding where they belong.

Others did not have the luxury of change with the direction of the tribe, forced into the change by circumstances beyond their control, stress from life, or by groups of people knowing the power of the Aether wanting to posses the wolf or destroy the tribe. A small black wolf puppy regarded them from her bed in the corner of the bedroom, damaged from being forced into the change before maturity. Julie kept the little pup by her side, hoping time with the tribe would heal her wounds, she would find her way back to being a human. Her mate, Steven pulled her toward him, his fingers running up and down her back. “Julie, we will find her. We will help her. Remember Mildred said the Alpha’s change will draw more to the tribe, she is reaching out to you. The time will come when you can help her.”

Julie wiped a tear from her eye, “It’s just so hard hearing and feeling her pain but doing nothing. I feel her helplessness but am just as helpless as she is, this Lost One is much stronger in her connection than any of the other pots, I wonder why?”

Julie pulled back the covers of the large bed in the old farmhouse. Since inheriting it from Limosa Whitefeather and moving to Del Muerto, AZ from Baltimore, Julie kept most of the house the way it was, learning about a grandmother she never knew in the farmhouse, especially the clay pots sitting in the sideboard by the dining room table. Julie padded lightly over to the cupboard, opening the bottom drawers, staring at the clay pots, representing the Lost Ones of her tribe, those out there searching for her. The pot glowed as she reached for it, her body wanting the change as she held it. She quieted her mind, telling herself changing into a wolf right now would not help the woman she heard. Each pot glowed as she touched them, each Lost One opening their eyes in the dark of the night, feeling Julie’s touch on their life force, frowning at her distress.

She found the pot in the back of the sideboard, feeling the pull from it immediately. Julie reached for the pot, picking it up, holding her breath. Steven stood next to her looking at the glowing pot. Julie paused, “She is in trouble, I can feel it, but I have no idea where she is, she is lost. She is confused. She doesn’t know she has the Aether blood.”

Steven looked at the pot in Julie’s hand, “Why is she calling?”

Julie looked at the pot, watching the glow from the pot dim then disappear. “It is so strange, she is so strong calling to me, now she is gone. I can’t feel her anymore. It is like a light switch just switched her off.”

Far away, but not to far away, Jane watched the man in white pull the needle from her vein. He smiled at her, making her feel nervous, the pull of the drug slowing everything. She looked over to the table next to her watching a tall bald man in black with red eyes standing over a small girl lying on the table, the same needle exiting her vein.

The girl looked over to Jane, stark terror in her eyes. Jane held her stare until everything faded into nothing.

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