Fly Diamonds

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Chapter 18

“We need gas. It is no longer safe,” the helicopter pilot said.

“Do what you need,” Brent said.

The pilot searched and found a small airport close to Ensenada on the Pacific coast of Mexico. The gravel truck had traveled south to this port city, where small hotels sprang up in mini-construction booms and busts. The fishing village was popular with tourists who found it close to Tijuana and did not feel like driving all the way south to Cabo San Lucas. The blue dot was pinging, moving south along the coast. The now close to two-hour flight was rapidly becoming a disaster in Brent’s eyes.

The helicopter deviated to the airstrip and landed. The pilot arranged to get gasoline in a straightforward and quick manner. Local police met them there and provided support. Dick and Brent stayed in the helicopter, looking at the blue dot move on the screen. It was still moving west, but then it stopped on the other side of the peninsula that composes one side of Ensenada Bay.

“We have them!” Brent screamed.

“Calm down,” Dick said. “The bird stopped before but then took off again. Let’s wait and see.”

“Stop being negative.”

The blue dot was static. Brent was anxious, and he pushed the pilot to speed up his gas purchase. He approached the local law enforcement detail that had been called in and showed them the GPS with the blue dot.

“What is there?” Brent asked the Mexican cop.

“That is a, how do you say this, a job site, construction,” the cop said.

“Exactly, an abandoned job site, perfect.”



“Not abandoned. That is exactly where they are building a new hotel.”

“OK. Let’s go there, but no sirens, proceed with caution.”

The truck had arrived at the site and dumped its load of gravel, which would be used to mix with cement and sand in the making of the concrete needed for the foundation of the construction. The GPS, having been on top of the gravel, was now buried in about three feet of the stuff. The signal was still working, and the blue dot led the team of officers directly to the mountain of gravel. Dick stood over the pile and pointed down. The police enlisted three or four construction workers to dig for the GPS using shovels. Dick kept indicating the position as the iPad dictated.

In the meantime, Brent figured out that the material had just been delivered by a truck that had arrived from Tijuana and drew the logical conclusion. Dick ran with the GPS in his hand to Brent as he stood, defeated, by the rubble.

“Got it.” Dick had a huge smile when saying this.

“And you are smiling, because?” Brent said.


“Stop smirking; this is the end of the line. We go back immediately, empty-handed, you fool.”

“I’m sorry, I was just happy the GPS worked.”

“It obviously didn’t. It fell off the bird, you idiot.”

Dick shut up. He had missed the bigger picture and had been caught up in the tech aspect of the mission. Then he realized that he was happy that it hadn’t worked. A confrontation with Mexican jewel thieves was not what he wanted! They both assumed the GPS fell off the bird and onto a moving truck. When this happened was anyone’s guess. It was the end of the line. Brent walked with his head down and got back into the refueled helicopter.

“Let’s go. That’s it for this mission!” Brent shouted.

“Yes, sir!” the pilot fired back.

“Cliff. Abort mission, it was a dead end.” Brent spoke into the receiver.

“Copy that,” Ivory chirped.

“Is that you, Ivory? What are you doing here?” Brent asked.

“I am Cliff’s partner, sir.”

“I know, but I had you checking the video.”

“That was a dead end as well, sir.”

“See you back at the office. Over and out.”

The helicopter took off and left six Mexican patrol cars at the construction site of a small hotel on the Pacific Ocean. As they ascended, a single gray pigeon flew in front of them, so close that they all saw it clearly. Brent and Dick looked at each other. Then another pigeon followed the first one, and the spell broke. They returned to the States empty-handed as the sun was setting, creating a spectacular pink clouded sky that made the disastrous end a bit less ugly.

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