Return of the Reich

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The most notorious tyrant of the twentieth century has unfinished business. This supernatural thriller will have you mesmerised. Following their encounter with the demonic spirit of Adolf Hitler; the three powerful psychics of the PATH team and their Spirit Guardians need to find and vanquish the demon before it, and its mortal son, unleash Armageddon. From turbulent battles raging under the ocean to the dark stillness of space.

Thriller / Mystery
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The greater the lie, the greater the chance that it will be believed

Novella based on the Novel PATH by Robert A Webster

The twentieth centuries most notorious despot has unfinished business

Cheers and Jubilation erupting from the war-weary populous of Europe echoed around the world. The Second World War was over.

While liberated countries now free of the brutal Nazi regime celebrated in the streets, German towns and cities lay in ruins.

With everybody believing the news that the tyrannical dictator and his young wife had committed suicide, the pair made their elaborate escape.

With thunderous explosions no longer reigning down from the roar of aircraft engines filling the skies, the air felt still.

Apart from the creaking and groaning of twisting metal, the harbour and dockyard were silent.

The man gazed into the distance at the crater-filled scorched earth on the hills surrounding this once scenic landscape. As cordite and diesel lingered in the air, he tugged the scarf covering his mouth and nose.

Rage burned in his eyes as he watched the glistening black oil slicks rippling on the ocean’s surface around the smouldering wrecks of his decimated fleet.

Although enraged by his defeat, Hitler knew this would not be the end of his plans for a new world order and his new Reich would rise from the ashes.

With seagulls screeching in the cloudy sky above, he swept his fringe over his forehead, pierced his lips, glowered, and strode up the gangway of the prototype U-boat, cursing. “Humanity will pay for this.”

The sleek, black rubber coated vessel slewed away from the crater-filled stone jetty, glided through the harbour, and submerged under the cold grey North Sea.

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