Innocent Vampire Gals

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Chapter 13

Inside Motel room 103 at the Sangreville Motor Lodge, the blinds remained shut, keeping out the late afternoon sunlight. Kate and Vicky sat on the foot of the bed nearest the door, looking through the pages of Vicky's copy of the Vampires Handbook.

Kate said, "These 'Hunting Trips' do look very intriguing." She read, “‘Dining in Mexico. All the hombres you can eat, all the time.’ We can really pig out.”

Vicky pointed to a full colored glossy photo that accompanied the list.

"That hombre's the kind of game we'd be hunting. Wouldn't you just love to try out your brand new fangs in a neck like his? I know I sure would."

"No." Kate told her, "To be perfectly honest, I think I'd like to try them out on Pete, or Jimmy."

"Same here."

"Or Kevin, or even my stepbrother Harry."

"All very tempting."

"But that's not gonna happen. I'm gonna use self control. Just 'cause I'm now a vampire, it doesn't mean that I can't still be a responsible, law abiding citizen."

"Same here." Vicky said, "I'm gonna be a good girl from now on. My fiery romantic interlude with Egbert was enough for me."

From beyond the window they heard a car drive up and stop just outside the door. Kate got up, went over to the blinds and opened one of the slats a crack.

"They're back!" She said, "They're not alone. There's a woman with them."

Vicky asked, "The Vampsnuffer?"

"Who knows?"

Vicky's fangs extended. "I'll be in my room. Knock three times when it's safe."

She hurried away from Kate, dashed through the open adjoining doors, shutting them both behind her. Kate was now alone in Room 103.

The door to the outside opened, letting bright glaring daylight into the room, as Jimmy and Pete entered with a dark haired woman with Mexican features. Kate put her open hands over her eyes, cringing away from the light. Her fangs instinctively extended.

She shouted. "Shut the door! Please! Shut the door!"

Jimmy did as she asked, and the room returned to its safe dimness. Kate calmed down.

"It's okay Kate." Jimmy said, "Things are gonna start to get better right now."

The dark haired woman looked at Kate's fangs uneasily. She smiled. "Hi Kate.” Her accent was Mexican. “I'm Pilar Mendoza. I'm a Bruja, and a very powerful one."

Kate looked uneasily at Pete and Jimmy. "A very powerful Bruja?"

"But I use my power for good." Then Pilar added, "Usually."

"Just 'usually'?"

"Well, there have been some very bad moments, when I've really lost it; and gone over to the dark side; but once I've worked through my rages, I've always come back to being good again."

"That's good to know." Kate remained uneasy. "You're not in any kind of a rage now, are you?"

"Nope. Just trying to be helpful. I'll be doing what I can to restore your soul."

Pete repeated the word, "Rages?"

Jimmy was carrying a foot deep, white plastic bag. He reached in and pulled out a woman’s head, shrunk to the size of a baseball. She also had Mexican features, but very different’ from Pilar’s. This was not like the crude shrunken heads, which had been produced by savages in the Amazon Jungle. Her features were not distorted. Her lips and eyelids were not sewn together. The consecrated head wore lipstick, false eyelashes, a pair of earrings, and had neatly set hair. Her eyes were shut, but her lips were parted, displaying a pair of miniature fangs.

"Here" Jimmy said, "is what we’ve come here for. The Consecrated Shrunken Head of the late Snuffer-Vampsnuffer, Senorita Juanita Obregon, of Guadalajara Mexico."

Kate stepped up to him, to take a close look at the head.

He told her, "If you're gonna stand this close to me, please retract those fangs."

She did as he asked.

Then she asked, "This can restore a vampire's soul?"

Pete said, "We've been told that it can, when someone with magical powers speaks the correct incantation in Latin. Miss Mendoza here does have those powers, and she knows the language."

“No I don’t.” Pilar told them, “But that’s okay. It doesn’t actually have to be in Latin. The spell works just as well in English or Spanish, or in any dead language, or living language too.”

Now the door to the adjoining room opened. Vicky stepped through the doorway, back into Room 103. Her fangs remained extended.

"Hi guys." She spoke to Pilar. "Have you got the ability to make this a two for one operation?

The woman spoke nervously, "Two vampires?"

"It's okay." Kate told them, "We've both been drinking pigs’ blood. I'm no longer hungry. How about you Vick?"

"That all depends on her."

Pilar's voice trembled. "A two-fer's no problem. The thing is, the operation can only be performed, one restoration at a time."

"Go ahead." Vicky told her, "We've got plenty of time, and neither of us is going anyplace, ’til it gets dark."

"Good enough." Pilar told them, "I think it's best for me to start with the vampire who's the greatest danger to others. Would any of you have any idea, which one of these gals that’d be?"

Pete, Jimmy and Kate all pointed at Vicky.

"She is!"

Vicky rolled her eyes and sighed.

She said, "Then good for me. I get to go first."

"Okay." Pilar said, "This shouldn't take too long."

She reached out cupping her hands, where Jimmy placed the Shrunken Head. Then Pilar stepped up to Vicky, holding the dead woman’s consecrated head in front of her, with Jimmy at her side. He reached in his pocket and took out a cross.

Pete had also stepped up to Kate, and taken a cross out of his own pocket.

She and Vicky both cried out, and shielded their eyes while cringing.

"Sorry girls." Pete told them, "While she's performing the restorations, Miss Mendoza'll be standing within pouncing distance of a vampire, so we have to play it safe."

Pilar repeated to the trembling Vicky, "It shouldn't take all that long."

"Okay!" Vicky snapped, "Get on with it!"

Then Pilar began the incantation.

"Hear me oh spirit of this undead,

Body from whom her soul has fled.

This cabezita does now restore,

Her soul into her corpse's core...”

Vicky gasped. "Uuuuh!" Then she spoke softly. "Good-bye Egbert."

Pilar also gasped while looking startled.

She asked Vicky, “You’ve been one of Egbert’s pitchforkings?”

Vicky asked her, “You know about Egbert?”

Pilar nodded, “I met him once, during one of my darkest rages.” She had a dreamy look on her face. “He gave me a really great prickling with the prongs of that pitchfork of his. Didn’t want him to stop. Ever.”

“Yeah.” Vicky chuckled. “I know what you mean.”

Now Kate leered playfully. “Yeah. Vicky here’s been telling me about Egbert. She says he gives great pitchfork.”

Pilar leered back, “The best forking I ever got from any guy.”

Now Jimmy asked, “Just who is this ‘Egbert’?”

“Oh! Sorry.” Pilar shook herself. “Back to the restoration. Let’s see. Where was I?”

“It’s okay.” Vicky told her, “I’ve stopped cringing.”

Kate spoke. “So have I.”

Vicky stared straight at the cross in Jimmy’s hand, without any fear. Kate did the same with the cross that Pete was holding. Both vampire women reached out, and touched those crosses without being harmed.

Kate said, “I think this means that both our souls have been restored.”

“That’s right.” Pilar told them. “I told you it shouldn’t take all that long. My work here is done.”

Vicky said, “And now I’m suddenly hungry.”

Kate added, “So am I.”

Pilar said, “Oops!”

The dark haired woman moved back a few steps from Vicky, reached in her handbag, and pulled out a foot long, sharp wooden stake. She raised it to her shoulder height, and stood trembling, looking back and forth between both Kate and Vicky.

“Hey!” Pete said, “What are you doing? You’ve just gave them their souls back!”

“Sorry.” Pilar told them, “You see, now that their souls are restored, they’re a pair of hungry vampire girls, who can no longer be held off by those crosses you’re holding. I should have explained that before, but it completely slipped my mind.”

Kate spoke sharply, “Calm down lady! We’ve got all the blood we need right here!”

She pointed toward the cooler on the floor.

Vicky added, “And it’s all the legal stuff.”

Jimmy asked, “That should be enough, shouldn’t it?”

“Hopefully.” Pilar shook her head, “No guarantee about that.”

Pete asked, “Do you want either Jimmy or I to give you a ride back into town?”

“No. It’ll be better for everyone here, if both of you drive me back and don’t return.”

Jimmy asked, “Don’t return? Forget it! They’ve got all the blood they need right here.”

Pilar said, “I still wouldn’t trust either of them.”

Pete said, “But you don’t know Kate. With her soul restored, she’ll be the woman she was before; and the way she was before, was never violent.”

Pilar looked at Vicky. “What about her? Before now, could you trust her?”

Jimmy and Pete both looked uncomfortable.

Vicky sighed and rolled her eyes again. “It’s okay. As long as I’ve got enough pigs’ blood to drink, everyone’ll be safe with me. Listen. Jimmy and I are part owners of a nightclub in Los Angeles. I’m not gonna do anything that’ll lead to me losing my share in it. Is that good enough?”

Both guys shrugged and nodded.

Jimmy said, “Sounds reasonable to me.”

Pete said, “Right.”

Kate nodded her head.

“Okay.” Pilar told them, “If you guys want to spend your time with a pair of sexy vampire gals, I understand it; but remember, you’ve been warned.”

Miss Mendoza, still holding the shrunken head, went to the door and opened it, letting in the glaring light of late afternoon, causing both Kate and Vicky to cringe out of its way. Then Kate growled. Pilar hurried out the door and slammed it shut behind herself.

Kate then moved over and stood with her back against the door, blocking the way out. Her fangs were now extended. Vicky also moved and shut the door to the adjoining room, while she extended her own fangs.

“So tell us, guys.” Kate asked, “Just what do you two want to do with us sexy vampire gals, who are suddenly both very hungry, and against who you no longer have any defense?”

“That’s right.” Vicky grinned. “Tell me Mr. Manetti. How’d you like to party, with a gal who’s got a nice big pair of fangs on her, for you and she to play with?”

A grinning Kate asked, “How about you Pete? Want to see what kind of fun we can have?”

He and Jimmy glanced nervously at each other.

Pete asked uneasily, “You girls are both kidding, aren’t you?”

Vicky asked, “What do you say Kate? Are we kidding?”

“That depends. Does your guy Egbert have a friend? The next time you go to meet him; I might want to come along and make it a double date.”

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