Innocent Vampire Gals

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Chapter 22

A little after 6 AM, we were all still out on the main floor of the dimly lit, windowless Climaxes Nightclub. I Vicky sat beside Kate, inside the booth where she’d been trying to sleep, when the visitors from Vidamort Corp. arrived.

Our visitor, Mr. Mackenzie remained seated at the table where he’d first sat down, with the cuffed and gagged Loretta beside him. His sharpened stake still lay on the table in front of him, with his hand resting on it.

None of us spoke.

Kate muttered softly. “Jimmy might not get up before noon. Who knows what time he’ll get here?”

I nodded.

Then I spoke clearly. “It’s after six o’clock. That means it’s now getting light outside. That means we’re gonna be stuck in here with each other all day.”

Everyone groaned, especially Loretta who moaned the loudest.

Now I heard sounds coming from inside the storeroom. Then I heard Jimmy’s voice.

“Victoria?” He called out, “Katy?”

I called back. “We’re out on the main floor Jimmy!”

Kate, me, and the executive from Vidamort Corp. all turned and faced the storeroom’s doorway.

Jimmy emerged from the doorway. Then he halted. He looked uneasily at our visitor, who looked critically at him, while his hand gripped his slayer stake, with Loretta beside him.

“Vicky.” He asked, “Who is this guy?”

I said “It’s like I told you Jimmy. You’ve been away from L.A. for much too long. You don’t know any of our new regular patrons.”

“Right.” He repeated, “And like you said, I should have occasionally shown some interest in the Club. Would you like to introduce me?"

“That,” I pointed, “is Mr. Lawrence MacKenzie. He’s the one who ordered Jake the vampire, to make a vampire out of me”

Now the Vidamort Corp. executive spoke. “Good morning Mr. Manetti. At last we meet.”

“Right.” Jimmy sounded annoyed. “There’s no way I’m gonna call it a pleasure.”

“Our contract,” I sighed “with the Demon Chasers Agency, has been canceled.”

Our visitor laughed. “As this former, ‘Skankiest ho in Sangreville High’, might be also.”

Jimmy looked at both me and Kate. “Are you both okay?”

“That depends,” Katy told him, “what you mean by ‘okay’.”

“I was killed by a vampire.” I told him. “Then I went to Hell; and then I came back as a vampire; and I’m trying very hard to keep my bloodlust under control. So far I’ve been successful; but that’s only ‘so far’. I don’t know if you’d describe that as ‘okay’.”

Kate said, “Same here; except like I told you, I went to the Hell for good girls; or I may have. I’m still not sure that I wasn’t having an hallucination, before I became undead.”

Jimmy nervously looked at all of us in the room. “Am I the only one here who isn’t a vampire?”

“Loretta’s not,” I told him, “and Mr. MacKenzie’s not, but he’s still dangerous.”

MacKenzie declared. “I’ve been sent to make you and Ms. Milford here a fair offer.”

Jim looked at me and I nodded. He looked back at the Vidamort Corp. Rep.

He asked, “What do mean ‘fair’?”

The man said, “Ms. Milford here has decided that she no longer wants drug dealing, bookmaking, or any type of unlawful activities going on here at the Climaxes.”

“That’s right.” Jim told him, “Neither do I.”

“She’s also attempted to try to keep vampires like herself, and other paranormal beings from entering this establishment of yours, by hiring Ms. Carolton here.”

“I agree with her on that too.”

“That attempt has obviously failed, as will all other attempts.

“Listen very carefully Mr. Manetti. While you want criminals to be kept away from the Climaxes, Vidamort Corp. doesn’t. We know for a fact, that Ms. Milford here allowed bookmaking and drug dealing inside this club, with her getting a percentage of every transaction. While you want to put an end to it, we want it to continue. It's very profitable, but very risky. Vidamort Corp. would like to eliminate the risk.”

Jimmy repeated what he’d suggested back in Sangreville. “Or we can shut the place down.” He added, “Then have the building torn down. I can afford the loss!”

“Jimmy!” I nervously reminded him, “Jorge, Yolanda, and our other employees can’t afford it! Neither can I.”

Now MacKenzie demanded, “Look at her!” He lifted his stake pointing it at Loretta. “If you even attempt what you just threatened, then what happens to her will also happen to some of your other friends.”

He picked up a slip of note pad paper from the table in front of him and read from it.

“Your other friends,” he read, “include ‘Peter Ramsey, his sister Caroline; Mr. Kevin Delinski; Miss Julianna Collins; along with Miss Nellington’s step brother Harry’.”

Kate gasped, then shouted, “Not Harry!”

“Either that,” he told Jimmy, “or you, Ms. Milford and myself can negotiate a deal, which will be satisfactory to everyone involved.”

“What do you mean by ‘satisfactory’?” Jim asked, “Drug dealers and bookies will be doing business in the Climaxes, while vampires and other ‘paranormals’ will be free to have their way with our customers?”

“If Vidamort Corp. is the owner, we will be the ones who provide the security and Jake the Vampire will be promoted to Head of Security, at this location. Other than that, Ms. Milford will be allowed to stay on as manager. If she agrees, she will again receive a percentage of every transaction, as you will yourself.”

Jimmy looked at me. “What do you say Vicky? Do you agree?”

I hesitated. “Stay on as manager?”

Kate declared, “I can’t believe we’re just sitting here like a pair of wussies Vicky! Here we are, two vampires armed with fangs, and you’re holding a stake. We can kill this MacKenzie guy here with not trouble at all.”

“He’s also armed with a stake.” I told her. “If we try to kill him, he’ll use it on Loretta.”

“That’s wussy thinking.” She told me, “We should both attack him at the same time, before he can use it on her. Sure, he might kill one of us, but the other would kill him for sure, and she’ll still be alive. What do you think Loretta?”

The handcuffed woman with the gag in her mouth glared at me.

I snapped, “I’m not being a wussy!”

Then I spoke calmly. “When you think about it,” I told her, “it really is a very satisfactory deal. Deadly vampires, including me, will be in control. I’ll be the Club’s well paid manager, and all our friends will be safe.”

“Satisfactory? After everything that’s happened? You want to go back to the corruption you were involved in, that got both you and me killed and turned into vampires? You told me that your coming back as a vampire, was giving you a second chance; and this is what you’re doing with it?”

“I’m sorry Kate.” I told her, “I just have to go along with it. I don’t know what else to do.”

“What else?” She groaned in annoyance. “We could be having this guy for breakfast.”

Mr. MacKenzie called out, “Miss Kellington!”

She growled back, “Yeah what?”

“I like your attitude.”

“My attitude? You like it?”

“You’re not ‘a wussy’. You’re a brave and fearless warrior.”

“Warrior?” She smiled. “Right. That is what I am.”

“We can always use people like you at Vidamort Corp.”

“You can?”

“Definitely. How’d you like to come and work for us? If you wish, you’re welcome to come on over to Vidamort Corp. Headquarters tomorrow evening, and fill out a job application. I’ll tell the Personnel Department that you have my recommendation.”

“Are you kidding? Me work for Vidamort Corp.? Vicky here might be a totally corrupt wussy pussy, but I’m not!”

I exclaimed, “I am not a wussy!” I looked at Mr. McDonald. “Not any more; and you’re right Kate. It’s time for me to stop acting like one.”

I extended my fangs, while putting my hand on the blood stained stake on the table in front of me, gripping it tight.

“And I agree with you Kate.” I went on, “It’s time for breakfast.”

She and I slid out from the booth, and got up from the table with our fangs extended. We rushed around the table between us and Mr. McDonald who froze, gripping his stake, while looking back and forth between us and Loretta. We two vampire gals pounced on the man before he could use the stake.

Then both of us vampire gals chomped our fangs into his neck, and had a very satisfying breakfast.

Once the meal was finished, she and I stood up beside the body of Lawrence Mackenzie, who lay of the floor beside the table with deep fang marks in his neck. The stake that we’d knocked out of his hand was now sticking out of his chest, where Kate had rammed it deep into his heart, to make sure he’d never become undead.

Then I removed the gag from Loretta’s mouth. She moaned and took a few deep breaths.

I told her, “I’ll see if we can find something to break these handcuffs off of you.”

I moved behind the bar, where we kept a tool box.

Loretta said, “The keys are in his pocket.”

I came back over to the table, and knelt beside the body of Lawrence MacKenzie who lay stretched out on the floor, where I reached into his pocket.

Now Kate spoke, “I can’t believe it Vicky. You’re actually going through a dead guy’s pockets?”

“Why are you complaining? You enjoyed making him dead, just as much as I did.”

“That’s right.” Now Kate smiled, looking delighted. “And that felt so good!” She laughed, “I was right. I loved ‘taking a bite out of crime’!”

“So did I.” I smiled back.

I pulled the keys out of MacKenzie’s pocket, stood up, searched through them and found the handcuff’s key. I unlocked the cuffs, releasing Loretta.

She said, “Thank you.” and got up out of the chair, moving her shoulders while groaning in relief.

Then I stopped smiling. “Now what do we do with the bodies?”

The look of delight also left Kate’s face. “The bodies?”

I nodded. “Him, and whatever’s left of Roxanna in my office. I’m not sure how to dispose of them; and I don’t know who to call for help. Do you have any ideas?”

“Me? Are you kidding? What would I know about disposing of corpses?”

“Right. It’s one problem you’ve never had to deal with before, isn’t it?”

“Of course it isn’t Vick! It’s never occurred to me that I would ever have this problem!”

Now Loretta spoke. “Getting rid of the bodies isn’t the only problem you’ll have to deal with. When MacKenzie and Roxanna don’t report in to Vidamort Corp. in the next few hours, they’ll be sending other people here to find out what’s happened. I don’t think either of you want to be around when they show up; and neither do I.”

Then the woman from the Demon Chaser’s Agency moved away from us. She went around the bar and through the open door of the storeroom. We heard the back door open and shut.

Now Kate asked, “Are we on our own?”

She called out, “Jimmy!”

We both looked around. Jim Manetti was no longer with us.

She called out toward the storeroom doorway. “You and Vicky are still the owners of the Climaxes Nightclub! From now on, no illegal activities will be allowed on these premises! When Jake the Vampire and all the others show up, we’ll be waiting for them with stakes!”

We didn’t hear a sound.

I stood up and said, “I think that Loretta isn’t the only one who we both just scared away.”

She groaned. “Why does every guy we know have to be such a wus?”

“Worry about that later.” I told her, “When the people from Vidamort Corp. do show up, they’ll be fully armed with high powered weapons. That means that our fangs and stakes won’t be enough to keep them from blowing us both to pieces.”

“Right.” She told me, “Then the only alternative the two of us have, is to get as far away from here as possible; as fast as we can.”

“We can’t get away. It’s daylight now. If we step outside, we’ll both burn up into ashes and soot.”

Kate groaned. Then she asked, “Does your guy Egbert really give orgasmic pitchfork?”

“Well, I am totally in love with him; or in lust; totally. Why do you ask?”

“It’s good to know.” She told me, “‘Cause, it looks like you and I really are gonna end up going out on that double date with demons, which will go on forever; beginning today.”

“Maybe not.” I said, “Since I’m now fighting corruption, I might instead be promoted and end up in Good Girls Hell with you; receiving the same reward as the rest of you skanky sluts.”

“Not as much fun as you think.” Miss Kelly Nellington told me, “Not if that’s all you’re ever gonna be doing for the rest of eternity.”

“Or,” I suggested, “now that our souls have been restored, we might not burn up, if we step outside in the daylight. That means we might have a chance to get as far away from here as possible, before those people from Vidamort Corp. show up.”

“Maybe.” She said, “If our souls have been restored. One of us should check it out, by stepping outside, Vick.”

“I agree; and since you’re the one who’s joined the anti-wussyism campaign, the one who does the stepping outside, should be you Kate.”

“Right.” She nodded. “It’s the only chance we’ve got. Very well.” She took a deep breath. “Here goes.”

Ms. Kate Nellington stepped away from me and into the storeroom. I heard the outside door open.

“Hey there Egbert!” Kate Nellington shouted, “Fire up that pitchfork of yours! The one that Vicky’s been telling me about!

“I’m one hot and horny pussy,

Who’s not any kind of wussy,

And I’m ready to get forked by you!”

I then went around the bar, into the storeroom, heading over to the open doorway, where Kate stood silhouetted by the daylight.

As I stood watching, she began moaning and trembling, while smoke rose from her garments. Her clothes were on fire. She was screaming. Her skin was burning. Then her inner parts ignited. That was the moment when Kate Nellington died, squirming and squealing, like someone impaled on a demon’s fiery pitchfork.

Now the storeroom was on fire. The alarm was blaring. I was sure an alarm was also going off at the nearest fire house.

I turned and ran out of the storeroom, back onto the main floor. I rushed over to the table where Mr. MacKenzie had been seated. His body was lying beside it on the floor. I picked up the cross he’d held, which was lying on the table. I rushed up to the front door. Then I halted.

I thought, Kate had called upon a demon, and received what she’d asked for.

Now I held up the cross and prayed, “Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner.”

I put my hand on the push bar, shoved the door open, and hurried outside into the daylight, where I did not burn up. I hurried across the parking lot, got into my car, started the ignition and drove away from the After/Dark fast, passing the fire trucks in the opposite lane, which were headed in the Club’s direction.

I was on my way toward the address of a local chapter of Blood Drinker’s Anonymous, which was headquartered in a local Church of Born Again Vampires.

Kate, I thought, the gal who always got the guy, was now taking my place upon the fiery pitchfork of Egbert, with who I’m totally in love for all eternity. That was okay with me. I wasn’t at all jealous.

So repent you sinners.

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