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What if two people lived in the same body completely independent of each other? What if one of them committed the ultimate crime, more than once? Are they both guilty? Sarah Harper has faced physical abuse and violence her entire life. As a result she has developed Dissociative Identity Disorder. She is now a successful businesswoman who has forsaken any semblance of a social life to focus on her career. She is taken by surprise when she meets Officer Daniel Greene and a fast relationship forms. Christina, her alternate identity, thrives on the feeling of a kill. She is a born predator that was born to keep Sarah and others safe. She works for "The Boss" as a hired assassin, killing the bad people the judicial system fails to catch. When Daniel is promoted to homicide detective and assigned one of Christina's crime scenes chaos ensues. Sarah now faces trial for crimes that Christina confessed to. With the support of her attorney, lifelong doctor, and group of "misfit" friends she will battle the legal system trying to prove the reality of DID. This is a dark and twisty psychological thriller that delves into the taboo topic of Mental Health Disorders, and brings awareness to them. It is very graphic with detailed depictions of sex, rape, violence, abuse, murder, and legal misconduct meant for mature audiences to spark discussions.

Thriller / Horror
4.7 6 reviews
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The events and characters in this work are completely fictionalized; however, the disorders portrayed are very real and often go overlooked. If you suspect that you or someone you love has a Mental Health Disorder you should seek out help. Below is the link for The National Institute of Mental Health which provides many great resources for those who suffer from Mental Health Disorders.


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