Throne of Blood

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Chapter 22: Farewell My Friend

Aroma of freshly baked biscuits and buns filled my nostrils, waking me up. There could be no better way to be woken up. Rubbing the remnants of sleep off my eyes, I slowly opened them to find Vincent setting down food on the only table in the room. Feeling my eyes on him he turned back and flashed me a smile bright as summer sun. I stand corrected; waking up to that smile featured on the handsome face of Vincent was definitely one of the better options of waking up to.

“About time you woke up. Breakfast is served, your majesty.”

Smiling, I threw the pillow in his direction which he caught without much hustle. Waking up around his smiling self lifted up my mood drastically. Pushing the sheets off my body I jumped off the bed, and headed straight for him; grabbing his face, using my hands I messed up his soft and silky mane. Our laughter filled the air as Vincent started tickling me mercilessly in retaliation to me messing up his hair. My pride could not stand long in front of his torture, and I had to beg him several times to stop, before he did quit tickling me. I tried to glare at him, but failed miserably as a smile immediately slipped onto my lips.

“Eat before the food goes cold.”

He said, urging me to get into the chair facing the fireplace, and handed me a plate of buns, once I was seated. The scent and sight of food caused my stomach to growl, thanking Vincent for feeding me because I was not about to thank him with words anyway.

Pulling the table closer to me for my better access to food Vincent took a seat facing me. He munched leisurely on a single biscuit while I devoured a whole batch of buns and few biscuits washed down by tea. It was not wrong to say I was starving. By the time Vincent picked his second biscuit I had enough food in my system to slow down my speed of eating and also notice his eyes on me. Looking up, my eyes met his smiling face.

“What you are smiling at?”

I asked, with my eyes narrowed at him, in result to which his smile only grew.

“Oh, nothing just observing your will to live. You intended to starve yourself, and now you are eating at a pace you could easily choke and still die at.”
Laughter sparked in his eyes as he casually pointed to the empty plate just few moments ago stocked with buns.

“You are making fun of my appetite, huh?”

“Me? No, I would not dare do such a thing.”

He said laughing as I sent a nasty look his way.
“Alright, alright, I am sorry. Go ahead eat. I brought all the food for you.”

After that we ate in comfortable silence, or rather I ate and he sipped tea. When I was done doing justice to the last biscuit on plate Vincent got up from the chair he had made himself comfortable in, and closed the small distance separating us, stopping close to me. His lips brushed softly against my forehead, sending tingling sensations down my spine.

“I have to go now, Eleanor. Please take care of yourself.”

He whispered. He was still so close to me that I felt his lips moving against my skin as he spoke. Tilting my head just a bit I looked into his eyes. He had not moved back even a bit so my tilting my face put our lips close enough to give me tempting thoughts I had to battle hard to not put into action.
“Why are you not staying?”

I whispered. He whispered in response not breaking the intimacy of the moment.

“I wish I could stay but I have things to take care of.”

“Thing like?”
“Like Caroline. She is alone.”

He was right, Caroline’s needs were more important than my wants. She needed his support.
“I understand you have to go.”

I slowly stood up causing him to get back a bit to give me space. He moved back just enough to allow me to stand; no more no less. I placed my arms around his torso as my face pressed to his chest, enjoying the rhythm of his steady heart beating under the flesh. I felt his chest rumble as he spoke while his fingers played in my hair, soothingly.
“Do not let despair find its way to your heart ever again. You are not alone, I am with you. Do not let the enemies of state win by putting you down. You are a strong, brave, and independent woman. You are Eleanor bloody Black, you do not back down or accept defeat and give up ever. Be rebellious, that is who you are.”

His words were followed by a while of silence in which we just reveled in each other’s presence, holding each other.

“I should get going.”

His words broke the spell of bliss, but I could not hold it against him because he was right.

“Take care of yourself too.”

“I will.”
He said nodding, as he slung the strap over his shoulder securing the sheathed sword against his hip. I helped him get in the shabby cloak falling to his ankles, concealing the sword completely.

“Do not let your magic go dormant and lie idly in your bones. Be always the magical and bewitching rebel you are now, Eleanor.”

Sparing me a warm smile and instructions to lock the door after him, Vincent stepped out of the small house, closing the door after him. His departure created a different kind of sorrow than the one I felt just a day ago when my friend had left.

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