Throne of Blood

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Chapter 32: Nimbus and The Pirates

The ship rocked violently as a ball of fire caught its bow, causing me to lose my footing. I staggered but managed to stay on my feet.

Screams fuelled by terror, sobs set off by pain, and grunts resulting from effort prevailed over the formerly calm sea. Women and children rushed to any shelter they could find, from all the hell broken loose upon them, in near sight. Sailors with not much success tried to put out the fire, consuming the wood comprising the ship with a violent intensity. Men among the passengers worked on loading supplies, and making women and young ones to embark on the few small life boats, and row their way towards safety, while a limited number of men, with weaponry at hand, shot arrows at the much larger pirate ship presently attacking Nimbus.

Seven nights and six days ago, I had managed to board the ship currently rocking under my feet. Nimbus was a small inconspicuous boat ready to sail for the land of the Spanish. Lady luck was aiding me, for I had neither the time nor the patience to wait for a ship to get ready to start its journey to Spanish lands, and Nimbus was ready and about to sail in a matter of hours. I had already spent eleven precious days on riding through the lands dotted by dense forests, to finally set foot on the docks. Hence, without further ado I paid the ship captain rather generously and secured myself a place on the vessel.

My days at sea had come and gone with not even a hint of anything interesting, and for once I was thankful for the dull life; I was more than anxious to get hold of señor Gritti and make certain that Vincent gets his services, but my life was never the one to be dull, as of lately it was being well proven.

To quote the crew of ship, the pirate ship had appeared from the thin air and rained Nimbus with balls of fire, and that was just about right. Only a few hours ago I had spent a considerable amount of time leaning against the railing of the deck, drinking in the beautiful sight of moon light sparkling over the calm waters of the sea before retiring to the cabins to catch some sleep only to be woken up to complete and utter chaos.

Taking a deep breath I fortified myself against fear, and unsheathed the sword I had managed to get from the sleeping soldiers I had left behind at the house in the forest; I shared the best moments of my life with Vincent in. If I was to go down, I would not go down without a fight.

Stepping out of the cabin I was allotted, with hurried steps, I made my way upstairs to the deck. Blood, gore, fire, and smoke welcomed my sight. My eyes began to sting with all the smoke, and tears began to well in them.

The men fighting to ward of the attack were quickly falling down to their deaths as stones and arrows enveloped in fire hit their bodies. Pirates dressed in cheap stained, baggy trousers and shirts with drawstrings dangling loosely jumped onto the deck, swords held between their teeth and up to two daggers swinging from their belts.

Ignoring the stinging sensation, growing with every passing moment, in my eyes, I began to walk towards a life boat hanging in midair with the aid of the rope strung over a pulley. Two steps into my journey a man fell into my feet causing me to stumble, and land hard on my rear.

Doused in blood, with tattered clothes covering the skin, the body lay on my left leg, with an arrow sticking out of his flesh, right where the heart was known to be present. Blood gurgled out of his mouth as he struggled to fill his lungs with air. I stared as the light of life slowly burned out in his eyes.

I was struggling to get the bulky once man now reduced to a dead body off my leg when pain shot through my scalp. I was painfully pulled to my feet by a strong hand having a firm grip on my hair. Foul smell of beer assaulted my senses as the pirate still clutching on my hair opened his mouth.

“Aae Joffery, look wha e got ere, a lady in breeches. She hella mighty sight.”

Disgust arouse within me as my assailant pressed his sickeningly hard bulge of manhood against my behind. His fingers untangled themselves from hair just to curl themselves around my throat, and push me harder against his front. His free hand fondled my breasts. His hips began to move, grinding his hardness over my rear with layers of clothing still between.

I tried to keep my struggles to minimum, even if it sickened me to core, in order to preserve my energy. I tried to keep the panic at curb, and waited to find an opening to use to my advantage. It did not take long for me to find the gateway to my escape, for a lust filled man was bound to make mistakes. His grip around my neck lost its intensity as his mouth met the skin of my neck. With a quick movement I grabbed his two fingers around my neck; one in each of my hand, and jerked them backwards with as much force as I could muster. My ears were blessed with the cracking sound of his bones followed by his howls of pain. He let go off me to assess the damage I had inflicted upon him. I needed no further encouragement and turned around, and delivered him a hard kick in the nether regions.

While he turned blue due to pain he was in, I grabbed the hilt of the blade tucked in his belt and pulled it free. My boot collided with his chest, sending him crashing onto his back. Without a moment of hesitation I chopped off his manhood that was dangling free of his trousers in hope of filling me.

The anguish stocked screams of their friend turned many pirate heads my way. I was in deep trouble and I knew it. Blood from the pirate I unmanned was pooling around my feet, steadily. Profanities in large amount were intercepted by my ears as twenty or so pirates to be exact formed a circle around me. Oblivious to the ship burning to ashes, the pirates began to tighten the circle around me while I eyed them to find an opening for an assault.

They launched an attack on me simultaneously. A cut opened on my arm allowing the blood to drip down the sleeve of my white shirt, as I winced in pain, but managed to ward of two swords, swinging my way, with the blade in my hand.

From behind me an arm came around my neck and began to choke me. I tried to keep blocking the swords swinging at me and charging with my blade in retribution, but the pressure on my neck had cut of my air supply, quickly I was struggling to find oxygen. A sharp blow on my hand resulted in pain springing through my arm and the blade falling to the floor with a soft clank.

Within moments my back was pressed to the wood of the floor, while various pairs of hands pinned my limbs down to keep me from struggling. I did not still and kept trying to get my limbs free no matter how futile it was.

A pair of black eyes met my own, sending a shiver of pure fear down my spine. Those eyes held nothing remotely close to what could be called humanity, all I saw was anger, malice, lust, and yearning to inflict pain and find pleasure in it. A sadistic smile spread across the hideous face of the man, his eyes bore into mine, his hands ripped of my pants and shirt with utmost ease.

Right about when the absolute hopelessness of my situation registered in my brain, and despair settled over my being, a thick voice full of authority met my ears.

“Stop you fools.”

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