Throne of Blood

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Chapter 34: Fight For Thy Freedom

It did not take a lot to rile up my cell mates. All that I had to put in the mix was a leader, a few instigating words, and a murder, and an uprising was in motion.

Every time a tyrant rose to power, and the weak got pushed to their breaking point, a strike back was imminent. The pressure of oppression turns an evolution to revolution like the pressure of earth forms diamonds out of coal. It is the law of nature every action has a reaction, equal in strength but opposite in direction, and that is what was in play.

As I was informed, right on schedule, exactly three days after throwing me in to the prison cell a pirate sauntered downstairs with meager amount of food in his hands.

Panic was thick in the atmosphere. Women whispered to each other with certain urgency. Anxious energy surrounded all the Living ones on the confined side of the door.

Loud banging noise, generated by a hard kick delivered to the rusting iron door, vibrated around the room. Unlike as intended, the bang did not get the undivided attention of every individual to the pirate, rather the commotion intensified, and the whispers grew louder. Someone within the group, growing in size with every passing moment, accumulated in a shadow doused corner of the room, spoke up loudly.

“She’s dead, she’s dead.”
“What the bloody lord are ya speaking bout?”

Irritation was evident in the man’s usually authoritative voice, but the underlying bafflement and confusion was not lost on me. My plan was working; at least it looked that way. A smile threatened to split on my face, but I managed to keep my lips from forming one, and stayed lying on the cold hard ground with my eyes screwed shut.

“The woman ya brought the day before last, she ain’tbreathin.”

A loud string of colorful curses, in a gruff voice, punctuated the old woman’s words. The door creaked not long after, and was followed by the loud sound of it hitting the wall.

“Get outta my way ya all bloody whores.”

With my eyes closed and sense of sight lost, my hearing was heightened. Numerous pairs of feet scrambled while a heavy set of feet approached my body strewn across the wooden panels. I sucked my breath, and stayed absolutely stationary.

Sailor boots nudged my arm repeatedly, eliciting no reaction from me. After a few seconds the soft hits on my body stopped causing me to internally rejoice.

Panicked blabbering and curses signaled it was time for me to stir in to action. Snapping open my eyes, with as much might as I could gather I kicked my pirate captor’s leg. With a loud thud accompanied by profanities, the bulky man came crashing to the ground. Without wasting a second, I leapt onto his back, and used the sash; I obtained beforehand from a fellow captive woman, to strangle the man beneath me. His fingers clawed onto the skin of my hand peeling layers of it off the meat. Pain soared through my nerves, but instead of letting go I twisted the ends of the cloth further, effectively cutting off his air supply completely. After a few long moments of gargling and trying to inhale, the head of my prey lolled to the side.

Letting go of the sash, I scurried to my feet, and dusted the thin cotton dress covering my body. I kicked his body, and it rolled without an ounce of grace onto his back. His lifeless eyes met mine. Not so intimidating now.

Disarming the body, I distributed the four small knives among the women around me, while keeping the sword for myself. Taking a moment I quickly went over the plan to make sure no one went above or beyond it. The plan was simple; be stealthy, put one pirate down at a time, disarm the enemy, avoid bloodshed, but do not hesitate to kill, and most importantly save yourself and your friends.

I took the lead, whereas the team of twelve young girls made the rear of our party. The remaining twelve who were too young or too old to be help not liability were to stay back, and wait.

With light tentative steps we made our way up the stairs on to the deck. With quick movements we split into groups of two, and carefully slipped behind potential covers.

On silent count down to three, with the movement of my fingers, all six groups simultaneously sprang into action.

Staying crouched low, I made my way towards the captain’s cabin. My luck was shining just the right amount this day. The four men outside the cabin were sprawled on the floor, with empty mugs neighboring them. Stench of cheap liquor hung heavy in the air.

With soundless actions, I removed the belts and sashes resting on the waists of men passed out due to the excess of beer they consumed, and secured their hands and feet. Next course of action was ripping strips off my dress, and tuck them in the mouths of the men just in case they decided to come around to their senses. With that deed done, I gripped the hilt of my sword tightly and kicked open the cabin door.

“What the god damn.......”

Captain of The Blue Lady did not even get the chance to finish his sentence before the hilt of my sword precisely struck his temple. Blood tricked down his face as his body limply fell off the chair he was perched on.

Keeping the sword in hand, I shuffled around the objects present in the cabin, to get hold of a rope not long after. With the aid of the rope I managed to bind the wrists and ankles of the captain who was singing in a drunken stupor, just moments ago.

Six men were surely down. According to the woman kept locked on board for years to cater to the pleasures of the pirate men, there were sixteen men in total who the crew comprised upon. This meant we had ten more men to deal with, while counting me in thirteen of us were the ones attacking. The odds were in our favor.

The sight that welcomed me upon reaching the deck was not looking as favorable for us as it should have. To hell with keeping peace. With a grunt of effort I plunged my sword through the neck of the pirate sneaking up on Lola, and Fiona.

“Kill them, do not hesitate.” I yelled, getting everyone’s attention for a short moment.

With a loud battle cry, a bulky pirate; clearly overweight, clumsy moved towards me. His large legs ate up the distance between us in mere brink of an eye.

I managed to ward of the blow from one of his sword, as it clanked on my own sword, but the other cut off the skin of my stomach. I brought up my knee into his groin just as his fist came in contact with my face, effectively sending me into the land of darkness.

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