Throne of Blood

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Chapter 35: The Fate I Just Could Not Escape

A pounding headache threatened to split into two, my skull. In the hopes of soothing the pain somewhat, I pulled my hands up, that I found were bound together tightly by ropes and tried to massage my temples. Instead of the relief that I was keenly seeking, further pain found its way towards me. Every muscle in my body screamed at even the slightest of usage.

I forced open my eyes only to have the headache, residing in my skull, intensify. Ignoring the sledgehammer beating around in my head, I gathered all my energy, and tried to push my frame into a sitting position. A sharp pain arose between my legs, causing a gasp to escape my lips. The more I tried to move the more my body protested.

In between the pain erupting from every inch of my being, and my struggles to sit up right, I noticed the sticky sensation residing between my legs, apart from the waves of pain frequently arising from my core. On closer inspection I could make out substantial amount of blood caked on both of my thighs, which were completely bare. Come to see, not only my thighs but my whole body was devoid of any sort of clothing.

The haze prevalent over my brain made it a hard process for me to piece things together, but eventually I managed it anyway. I let out something between a gasp, a whimper, and a cry. My gaze was still fixed on the dried out blood layering my skin, as the highest degree of despair came down crashing upon on me.

A cruel laughter resonated within the closure of four walls, signaling the presence of another warm body.

“So, her ladyship finally figured out that I had my way with you.”

The taunting words were coming from the same hideous face that supported the cruelest eyes I had once before seen in my whole life, and that happened to be just a mere week ago. The same man stood in front of me who had tried to add blemishes on my virtue on the deck of Nimbus, but had not succeeded.

“What did you think, you whore, that if I stopped once you are safe? Your sorry little party of rebels were all beheaded after your attempt of escape, I got you as a prize. Sorry to show you the face of disappointment, but then you brought me disappointment too.”

I stared at him with such hatred, that I was certain its burning intensity was evident in my eyes.

“Would you not ask why I was disappointed?”

My only reply was spitting on his despicable face. For one moment anger sparked in his orbs, but in the next moment it faded into joy.

“You spit on me but, you little slut, you are the one who every man has had a taste of. You did not ask, but I will tell you anyway. I was expecting a tight virginal hole to put my cock in, but what do I discover; the high and mighty lady has already been fucked.”

A sneer formed on his face, as he stepped closer to me. He gripped my hair, harshly, causing sharp pricks of pain to be felt over on my scalp.

“Let us see how that pretty little slutty mouth of yours works a big hard cock.”

Keeping his grip on my hair, with a disgusting smile plastered on his face, the man began to work on his pants. The fingers of his vacant hand fumbled with the strings holding in place his pants.

“I am not a victim, I am a survivor. I will not let my rapist win. I will not succumb to weakness,” I chanted the mantra repeatedly in my brain, finding strength from it. Adrenaline was piling up in my blood stream, causing the soreness of my body to subside. My blood was boiling with the rage that had consumed me. He had taken advantage of my unconscious state once, but this time I will fight him. He will not get his way this time.

Using his distracted state to my advantage, I sprung in action. While he was still unsuccessfully trying to divulge his lower body of clothing, I jumped to my feet. Before he could realize what was taking place, I went behind him and delivered a swift kick to the joint on his left leg; connecting thigh and lower leg. With a howl of pain the male in front of me fell to his knees. Not wasting the slightest of the precious time at hand, I used the small length of rope hanging loose between my wrists to strangle my enemy. Pressing my foot on his back, I pressured his torso forward, while I pulled on the rope around his neck, cutting his air supply efficiently.

He was clawing on the taut rope around his neck, but to no avail. I applied more force on his back by the way of my foot. Initially all I intended was to strangle him to death, but as I applied more pressure to his back the unmistakable sound of his back bone cracking met my ears. The agony filled cried he let out were far too satisfying to end them by giinge him death.

The painful crying of the man lying in my feet was the melody soothing my being. Putting the cries in the background, I looked around the small cabin. My eyes skimmed a piece of garment that resembled a coat. On closer inspection I discovered a knife pocketed in the wool. Grabbing the hilt, I pulled out the knife and held the blade between my teeth before starting to graze the rope tying my wrists against the blade.

After several long moments, numerous cuts, and countless scratches I managed to unbind my hands. Now I required clothing but everything available in this room was marked by the very man’s scent who forced himself on me. I did not think I would survive with his scent enveloping me every second.

Keeping the knife in hand I opened the cabin door and stepped outside. The cold sea air hit my body causing shiver to run through my body, but I ignored it and kept walking. At the very top of the stairs I saw the fat man who had hit me before I had passed out the last time.

I plastered my body against the wall, using the shadows to keep my presence hidden. I waited for the man to descend the steps. Sweat began to form on my palms. I forced myself to stay calm. Wiping my palms on the wall behind me, and gripped the knife tightly.

Just as the man got off the last step, he entered the range of my movements, and I availed the chance. Seeing the opening, I swung the knife and embedded the blade completely into the meat of the man’s chest. Turning the knife while still buried inside his chest, I moved the knife up till his heart. Blood sputtered out of his mouth, as he fell face first to the floor.

Before the blood ruined too much of the leather, I stripped the still warm dead body of the jacket and put it on. Firstly, I kicked the heavy body on the back, facing the roof. Second, I quickly untied the belt with sword hanging on it from the body and fitted it on my waist.

Two were dead but how many were alive, I had no idea. I needed to go prepared because this was the last chance I would probably get to change my fate, and upon my fate rested the fate of millions of people residing in Estercrest.

Sword at ready, I began to sweep the area. In usual cases the ship crew remains above at the deck at day time. I was hoping that would be the case this day too. Luckily, no human was in the lower section of the ship. Most of the doors led to cabins with two bunk beds and nothing else. Two doors gave way to cargo. One storage room held vast amount of jewels and money, while the other was stocked with wine vessels.

I tied few jewel and money filled pouches on my belt, and then headed to the alcohol storage. Grabbing four containers filled to brim with alcohol. Walking to the body of the fat male lying at the last step of stairs, I placed the vessels downs and took off their lids. I proceeded to rip pieces of his bloodstained shirt, and dipped them in wine before tying one cloth in place of each container lid. All that was needed now was fire.

Stepping inside the closet pirate cabin, I began the search for something to start flames. Cabin after cabin, I continued to search with no success at all. With a deep sigh I decided to move to my last resort. Finding the most worn out bunk, I used the sword hilt to bash it with repeated strikes.

After third hit, the wood gave away and splinters littered the floor. I used a rather large wood chunk as the base, and a small piece of wood to rub on the base, repeatedly. The quick scratching of wood against wood, created sparks after long while of exertion. The sparks turned into fire after an even longer while.

Grabbing the burning wood I set on fire the wine vessels quickly. Belting the sword at my hip, I threw one fire bomb at a cabin bunk bed causing the sheets to catch fire immediately. The second bomb, I threw in the wine filled cargo storage room, and made a rush for the deck. I made it in the nick of time. The ship rocked with the explosion. I used the element of surprise to my advantage, and threw the remaining two fire bombs on the deck wood letting the wood catch fire.

I would have enjoyed watching the pirates burn to ashes, but I did not want to get wrapped in the arms of the rapidly growing fire. Sparing one last glance to the dancing flames eating up the wood, I jumped into the icy cold waters of the wild sea.

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